The Meadowlands Racetrack will offer horseplayers a rare opportunity this weekend with mandatory payouts in the track’s two jackpot super high five wagers.


The Meadowlands will pay out the jackpot in the Race Five wager on Friday and the jackpot in the last race wager on Saturday.


The Race Five jackpot $35,864 while the last race jackpot is $68,933 and will grow into Saturday with one more night of action, assuming it is not taken down on Friday night. Both wagers have a 20-cent base wager and carry a 15 percent takeout. On nights when there is no single winning ticket, 25 percent of the net pool is added to the jackpot amount while 75 percent of the net pool is paid out to the multiple winners.


The wagers represent a tremendous opportunity and value for horseplayers. In Friday’s mandatory payout race (Race 5), players will be wagering into a zero percent or negative takeout pool with up to $239,093 in new money wagered. In Saturday’s mandatory payout race (Race 12), there will be a zero or negative takeout scenario with up to $459,553 in new money wagered. The lower the takeout rate of a wager, the more money that is returned to players holding winning tickets.


Friday’s mandatory payout race features a full field of 10 trotters racing at the bottom level condition of non-winners of $3,500 in their last five starts or optional claiming price of $10,000.


Saturday’s last race mandatory payout also features a full field of 10 pacers racing at the non-winners of two races or $20,000 lifetime condition.


The Race Five jackpot has grown since May 20 when it was hit for $43,641. The last race jackpot has grown since December 11 when it was hit for $68,028.