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Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Saturday, July 22, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 RIDGEWAY SPRINGS Squandered a great chance to get that first win of the year last week. May never get a better shot than that. Hoping to get similar journey, and kick home with just a bit more. He's going to need it.
2 FALCOR BLUESTONE Making first start for new barn and first start in six months! The qualifier showed major improvement, so maybe it's time to bet! Won't need to go that much faster to threaten these. Gets Scotty Z!
3 BOOTSWITHTHEFUR Invades from Philly on the class drop and gets a key inside post here. Apparently, he doesn't race too well from those outer slots. Still needs to prove he can handle mile track, but this is a soft spot. No excuses.
4 PLAYBOY RUSTY Raced a little better last time and that marked an improved effort. Will that continue? If it does, Rusty is probably going to shock us one night soon. Only needs a bit more to get a lot closer in field like this.
5 PROVE UP The other Philly shipper was up and down the class ladder there, but without a whole lot of recent success. Looks like a slow starter, and I'm not usually a fan of that. Guess I'd need to see a good one here first.
6 SHEZ ALL MUSCLES Mare comes off two breaks at the start, so that IS a problem. But, she also owns a win here this year and few of the others can say that. I'm taking a cautious approach and would only consider if price was right.
7 CAPTAIN PRIMEAU Yes, he's getting a touch of class relief, but in the summer these races tend to go a little too fast for him. The switch to an outer post isn't going to help either. Would need to get a little lucky out here.
8 FLYING ISA N Liked him a little last time and he was downright flat. Disappointing effort for sure. Maybe he needed the race after missing a few months? If that's the case, we're liable to see a lot more tonight. One more chance?
9 KING'S CAVALIER Also a little bit better last time, rallying from far back. Same situation? I think so. Pass.
10 JAZEBEL DE VIE Not exactly in good form right now, so I think we can leave her off the ticket too! Not for me.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 TWINCREEKS JESSE Working his way back down in class and any return to form has to give him a chance in here. The switch to an inside post is added bonus. Can't really eliminate against a field like this. One possibility.
2 QUALITY BUD Gets the very tepid call as fave, despite not racing in three weeks. His last effort was better than anything else in here, but I do urge caution. Horse is 0-16 so far this season. Looking to snap the skid.
3 BOLDER Also MIA for a few weeks, and he had tailed off in those last two starts. Needs a complete wakeup call.
4 HEFTY LEFTY Ironically, his best recent race came from post 10. This is a much better starting slot than that, but overall, the gelding is inconsistent. I'd want a very big price to take a shot with him in here. Your call.
5 WOODMERE ULTIMATE Just 1-12 this year, and that win came at Freehold. Races here haven't exactly been awe inspiring, but this whole field looks the same. Somebody has to win and maybe it'll be Woodmere. Good post. Trainer: Classy old horse. A decent trip should get him on the board.
6 FEELING CAM LUCKY A fresh face to Club Med, so that alone might give him a chance. I know his record isn't very good, so I'd be more inspired to use him underneath. Will likely pass a few of these late for a share.
7 JETSKI LOUIE Here's a prime wakeup spot for Louie! Took a shot and left the gate last time, but couldn't keep pace late. This might be a little different and I give him square chance. Mann might only have to work out a smooth trip. Trainer: Trained okay this week. Seemed flat at Tioga last week, but was in tough company.
8 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Been picking up checks lately, so that's a good thing. If anything, the few weeks off might do him some good. The big knock here is the outer post. Will have to get into the game somehow.
9 OFFICIAL STRIPES Shipped up to Tioga to take a shot and that didn't work out. Last try here wasn't so hot, so we have to rate him a longshot, especially from the outside post. Would need a big turnaround.
10 THE BRUISER Slammed with post 10 in second straight start here. That's almost not fair! Have to pass out here.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 RALBAR Not a whole lot going on for this horse down at Philly, so changing venue to take a shot here. Has a betting partner who might have a better shot. Still, you get two for the price of one, so why not use!
1A JAY BEES GRIN N Did a fairly decent job of keeping up behind the ridiculous Mr. Julian last time. That won't happen in here, and he's got more than enough speed to fire out from the bad post. Have to consider him seriously.
2 MESHWHOGONNA First start of year, and I did not see enough in that qualifier to make me want to bet. Pass.
3 CUT THE BEACH Four months off and a subpar qualifier on view. That's not a recipe for success just yet.
4 BAD AS CREEK Same thing as #3. Off for four months. Clearly tired in the Philly qualifier. Not a lot to like tonight.
5 TWINCREEKS JACK The sick scratch coming off a poor effort worries me, as it should you. Horse was racing very well a month ago. Needless to say, his top effort would make him the one to beat, but are we going to get that? Big ??
6 UF FAST FEELIN Hasn't gotten lucky here yet. That tendency to lag early always costs him. If pilot could motivate him to keep up a little better, that stretch kick would work. Demand fair value, if you fancy in this spot. Trainer: Looks like a good spot for him. Trained really well this week.
7 WALKS OF LIFE Another of the eligible "possibilities" in a wide open race. Made huge move two back. Rallied fairly well in that amazing mile last time. There's NO Mr. Julian in here. Simply put....he can win!
8 MASERATI SEELSTER The final question mark in a field full of them. Is he ready? Hasn't raced since June 23, but invades into a new barn off a sizzling Illinois win. One thing's for sure, he found the right bunch, IF primed and ready.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 LEET HANOVER Had a very good start here two back, against a colt. Followed it up with another good stakes start. This is like a stakes race, but her speed and the rail will keep her in prime position. Chance at the upset.
2 AIGHT HANOVER Barn has three in here and two of them drew good posts. I believe this is the lesser of the threesome, however. Likely to sit in, save ground and try to keep up late. Not sure than she can.
3 FEED YOUR HEAD I thought she had excellent shot last week and almost pulled off the big upset. Just got a little tired near the end. Still, it was big improvement, and the excuses are over. Time to consider her for the win. Trainer: Very good last start. A contender in here.
4 OUT OF LUCK Finds her way to Club Med with a distinct closing style. Not sure how fast the pace will be in here tonight, but she's perfectly positioned with the midpack post. Let's see how big that kick is? Trainer: Will race her within her capability. Just hasn't had the best racing luck lately.
5 MYAMMIE DRAMA Exits a very key race couple of weeks ago where Glitzey Gal just blitzed 'em! She did manage to pass a few. Still unsure about her being a true "stakes quality" filly, so this might be the acid test. Needs a big one.
6 VOXY Gets a new driver tonight, since Ake can't steer all three! Another that's a bit unproven at the upper stakes level, but if anybody can wake one up, it's Scotty Z. Price should be right and she has shown speed. Maybe!
7 OVERDRAFT VOLO That was a VERY good mile in the Del Miller, She geared up out of the pocket and just roared by #3. Tonight's problem is the post. It cost her in the Reynolds and Andy may have to leave a little with her to get into play. Tough call. Trainer: Pleased with her in the Del Miller. Took advantage of the pocket trip.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 BUCKEYE CHROME Always seems to draw an inside post, but doesn't seem to do much with it. Pass.
2 YO APOLLO CREED Lot of folks were on board this guy last time and he failed to deliver any knockout punch. Same situation here. Drew well. Plots for an okay trip, but will have to find a lot more late to land in winner's circle. Trainer: Seems a little better each week so far since moving to the mile track. Hope it continues!
3 SOUTHWIND JENSON Launched a bold and threatening move last week, only to flatten out and "hang" a little late. This post is better and the field is possibly softer. I'd be willing to give him another chance. Trainer: Fits in well here.
4 STAKEOUT Liked him last week and he had a tough trip. But, he didn't quit and that always catches my eye. In an ideal spot to deliver another solid effort and if #8 falters in any way, this is the one to fear. Grinds all day!
5 ROBBY BOBBY Up from Maryland for a big track try. As I've said a thousand times, I usually need to see a good one here first. Must prove he belongs and can sustain at mile track speeds. It's not that easy.
6 ART MIAMI Delivered a monster debut effort to win at big price, and then failed as the favorite. I've heard that story before too! This post is a little better, and there is potential for a hot pace scenario. That would aid his cause.
7 CHLO'S RICHESS Showed little in the debut here, but he needed that race, and gets Lasix now. I'll be watching to see if there's any improvement in the tank tonight. It's still no easy spot here. Will have to find more.
8 ROLL N CATCH MIA for a couple weeks off that break. Remember, it downpoured just before post time, so I'm just throwing that race out. If he paces anywhere near the June 24 effort, he will win this. We just have to guess.
9 BIG STRETCH MARK Clearly on an improving trend right now for Stretch Jessop. I like what I've seen, plus he shows he can overcome the post. Any smooth journey and he'll have big chance to get first win of the year.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 THISGUYISONFIRE You were on fire if you cashed a ticket at Pocono at 83-1! Flew by the field to overcome post eight there, which never happens. Prior win was strong too! Colt is just coming into himself. Talented!
2 METEORIC Did a fairly good job of keeping up and saving ground last week. That earned him a board spot, despite the 52-1 odds. Same situation here. Sits in, waits, and tries to stick close to stakes-quality foes. Not easy.
3 INTERNATIONAL MONI Missed the Dancer after overcoming a bout with colic, and we sure hope he's allright! Too good of a trotter to not try the Hambletonian. Scotty Z took care of him in qualifier and will again tonight. Trainer: Back on the Hambo trail. Doing well, and very happy with his qualifier.
4 GIVEITGASANDGO Finally get to see this fella at the Med! He's battled the top stakes colts all year and done very well for himself. He'll be in the Hambo as well and will get a tour of the track tonight. Strong, fast horse here!
5 MUSCLES JARED Acted up badly pre-race last week and that's something you never like to see. Check for any equipment changes or something. Have to get him right to be any threat to these. Has speed, IF he trots.
6 SIR JOHN F Was just fair last year at two, but seems to be coming around now for Team Takter. Is he THIS good? I guess we're going to find out. Last stakes start at Pocono was excellent. Likely to come rallying here. We'll see.
7 DI OGGI Picked up two thirds against stakes company over past few months, so I guess that's overachieving. Was long odds both times too! He'll be big price again, but will not be helped by this post, or pace scenario. Longshot.
8 ENTERPRISE He's only lost once, but it came at the hands of #3, who rolled right by him in the Goodtimes. Been freshened up nicely since and he had plenty left in that qualifier. What happens when #3 comes calling again? Trainer: Needed the qualifier two weeks ago. Has been training great after that. I expect a good effort from him.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 WUTAN Had every chance to deliver a solid effort last time and simply got outkicked home. That didn't impress me, so I'd have a tough time endorsing him against some stakes-quality foes. Will need a LOT more than that.
2 YES MICKEY Finally broke his maiden in a spot where he almost HAD to win! This will be the big test tonight and we'll see if Mickey is up to the task. I would like to see him "follow" and not set pace. He's better that way.
3 PERFECT SPIRIT Ake chose this one to drive, over #2, so maybe that tells us something. That was an amazing kick in the Beal elim for Yannick and then he was okay in the final. Are we going to see speed from the stablemates? Yes!
4 DOVER DAN This is a real nice trotter for John B. I actually think the big track will be better for him, and we all remember his dam spinning around here in world records. If he adapts to M1, he's going to win this. Simple as that. Trainer: All seems well. Hoping for a repeat performance of last week.
5 SOUTHWIND COBRA First of the Burke pair, and Yannick opted for this one. I would agree that he's more talented than #6, but is he AS talented as #4? That's a very good question. I'm going to guess no, but I could be wrong.
6 SOUTHWIND WOODY Been knocking heads with the top colts all year and it hasn't really worked out yet. Lone win came here against lesser company a while back. Wasn't offering much behind Walner. Would need a big, big mile.
7 EARL VARIERA Another on the "fringe" of stakes ability, but has yet to prove he can hack it. Tetrick chose this one over #10 and is used to him by now. I guess I'd like to see a good one here first. Can't like that break at Philly.
8 FLY ON After a very slow start to the season, this guy is finally coming around. Last start here was best one I've seen. He had a LOT of trot finishing. I don't know if he can beat Dan, but I'm anxious to see another good effort. Trainer: Seems to be getting back into correct form.
9 SOUTHWIND HYDRO Colt has been a "project" horse all year. Finally delivered a good qualifier, but won't be helped much by this post, or strength of field. Let's see if he stays trotting all the way. That's the goal tonight.
10 CATCH THE GAME Found a nice, cozy soft spot at Pocono to finally break his maiden. This is a brand new ballgame now and he's not exactly "rewarded" with post 10. Has to prove that he can cut it with stakes types. Trainer: Has been improving, but the outside draw is tough. Going to need some real luck.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 TO BEACH HIS OWN Was clearly "outclassed' in that last one, but he's getting some relief here. That, plus a good post and Yannick might give him an upset chance. The rail is big plus. Plots for okay trip and he can get a piece. Trainer: Had a good week. Got trapped in last start. Hopefully, we can take advantage of the inside post.
2 ODDS ON DELRAY Same boat as #1. Seems to be slowly working back into shape here. Flashed speed in both recent tries, but didn't have anything late. One night soon, he's going to shock us, but we'll have to guess when.
3 BEYOND DELIGHT This is prime spot to drop and pop! That was very good effort with added Lasix last time and that field was stronger than this one. Post relief. Timmy T back. A lot to like in this corner tonight.
4 WHATAORSE Usually battles a bit lesser than this, but he's very sharp right now. Sharp horses deserve respect. Nice inside post to give Billy Mann options and this horse is versatile. I wouldn't completely leave off the ticket here.
5 RING WARRIOR The "hot property" at the claim box goes for Mark Infante now. Looks like he's got work cut out for him, after horse staggered home last time. I respect his speed, but just wonder how sharp he will be tonight?
6 DIAL OR NODIAL Hard to believe this 11YO classmaster is still racing! Yes, that's $1.5 million he's earned over the years and he had MANY great starts here. Not exactly having a great year yet. Must call on all that back class.
7 JUSTIFIED Back to the level where he belongs, so I can almost guarantee that Eric A will send him out of there. Horse likes to battle, and I feel he will give #3 a real fight when the field turns for home. Should be good race! Trainer: Had week off and trained well. Drops to NW5000, so needing his "A" game!
8 APP HEAVEN Burst by the field in last win at Pocono, and if things get a little western with the favorites, maybe he can do it again? Has clearly come back strong for Travis, and Happy Belated Birthday to his wife, Alaina from yesterday.
9 MOONLIGHT RANSOM Back from an unsuccessful trip to Tioga and not exactly in a good spot here either with horrible post. Wasn't Tetrick's choice and won't be mine either. Seems just a bit overmatched.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 EZ PASSER Homebred filly is doing good work lately and she's been managed well so far. This field has a few legitimate stakes types, so I'm calling this the acid test. How good is she? We're going to find out. Must go fast. Trainer: Been racing great and seems sharp right now.
2 ONDA SU Very hard to gauge right now. She basically either wins, or breaks! Proved she could hack it on mile track at Lexington last fall and will take a Big M try now. I'm anxious to see what she has to offer. New driver too!
3 CHECKMATE TIME Wow, did she trot home in the Del Miller! That was major league improvement. Finally, after a long time trying to get her right. Will that trend continue now? The better post will help. We know she's fast enough. Trainer: Raced well last time out. Expecting the same effort.
4 COOL CATES Couldn't handle Overdraft Volo two back, but that's okay. Went back to rally mode last time and delivered good effort despite tough trip. She's certainly proven she fits with these. It's all about trip and timing.
5 FINE TUNED LADY I'd say she basically stole one over at Pocono. #4 came calling and this filly just kicked it into another gear. Her effort here before that wasn't quite as strong, so I wonder if she's a mile track horse? Maybe not.
6 DREAM TOGETHER Down from Canada, perhaps with sights set on an Oaks try. Is she good enough? That's a very legitimate question, but I have big time respect for this barn. They don't ship for no reason. Let's find out.
7 BROADWAY IDOLE Also cruised around Pocono last time, so we're going to get a big test tonight. They can't ALL have the lead and this filly seems to want the top. Could get very interesting into the first turn. First time Tetrick.
8 PRINCESS AURORA So far, she simply hasn't come back as strong this year. However, her last qualifier was rock solid and very good. She was fully urged and driven out, but she fought off a colt. That's a step in right direction, folks! Trainer: Drove her myself in the qualifier and was happy with her. Test to see if we are going to the Oaks next week.
9 CRANN TARA Also off to a slow start this year, but put it ALL together at Pocono. I'm not really sure how strong that particular division was, but I guess we're going to find out. This is a tough post and strong field. Big test coming.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 JOYFUL GAME Coming off a sick scratch and too much missed time. This is too tough of spot for her.
2 SPRINGFORTH No threat or factor against this type of level here two back. She's a longshot here.
3 SOUTHWIND TRINI Also hiking up the class ladder here on the ship-in from Pennsy. Has gone some big miles at Pocono in the past, but she will have to prove she can do it here too! That could be asking a lot tonight.
4 MCACE OF ARTS Still hasn't been able to repeat that amazing blowout win from June 16. Been stuck in some tough spots since, and this is another one. The post relief is noted, however. This might be good night to take a shot.
5 LIFE OF SMILEY Named after one of our cameramen, and campaigned by Scotty Z's significant other! Tends to race against a bit lesser company most of the time and has yet to deliver a win this year. Might not be coming tonight.
6 BEYONCES ROCKIN Have to give this mare a big chance tonight. I know she wasn't Scotty Z's choice, but if you read comment on #5, you can understand why. This is the spot they've been waiting for. Barn having great year here.
7 BETTOR CHILL OUT Also getting a touch of much needed class relief. You can see she's capable, by looking at race from May 23 at Pocono. BUT, things are going to have to set up perfectly. Will try to track down #6, won't be easy.
8 BEACH CLUB Lone 3YO in field is in an odd spot here. Gets into the race because she hasn't won $90K yet. I won't question how good she is so far this year, but it will take a BIG mile to win this from a bad post. Your call?
9 BLUSH HANOVER A touch flat last week after she fanned wide and hung a little. That race had about six across the track and Tim T won it up the pylons. The move to a bad post looks like a killer, unless Eric A sends her. Tough call.
10 NOT BEFORE EIGHT Impossible to handicap mare, because you never know what you're going to get. Loses Zeron here, but that's understandable. The post probably ruins her chances, unless total mayhem develops. A maybe. Trainer: Nice filly, but bad post! Trained good. Need a decent trip from post 10.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 PREPARTY Moves back to a much better post, but might need a touch of class relief before we see his best again. With that said, he gets Scotty Z tonight and plots for an ideal inside trip. If he shakes loose, will have a kick.
2 HOWSABOUTAKISS Hasn't been much of a threat against lesser, so I have to rate him a longshot in here.
3 SIPPIN ON SUDS Went through the sale on Sunday, so this is first start for new connections. He went out a winner for Burke Brigade, beating lesser over at Pocono. Is he good enough to beat these? I'm going to say no.
4 BRUCE'S MAGIC Doesn't win all that often, but he does find a good spot here. Couple of those tries here were good enough and I like the stretch-out speed he offered at Philly last time. That should set him up for big try here. Trainer: Given a week off after what I thought was a subpar performance. Driver did mention track at Philly wasn't to his liking.
5 MORE DRAGON Gets Yannick tonight for what will hopefully be a solid effort. Can fly late, when he wants to stay pacing and he's faced far better than this in the past. If the pace gets hot, this guy can win. Demand value, however.
6 BOTTOM DEALS That one start on June 4 at Philly would be good enough to win this. Beat a nice one in Gokudo Hanover. My knock tonight is that Timmy T opted for #7. When he chooses off for this barn, it worries me.
7 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Big choice by Timmy T to select this guy. Unleashed the mile of his life for him two weeks ago. Changed tactics last time and it didn't work. Will he have to leave again? I think so. Expect a touch of speed.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Gets the rail again, so that will aid in his check-getting cause tonight. Don't even think of leaving him off your superfecta or Jackpot Hi 5 tickets. He always sneaks in somehow.
2 LAST DRAGON Dropping back down to the level of his last win. I remember it and I can easily see why he might blitz right down the road again for Yannick. Just don't expect much value. Likely to be overbet, but the one to beat. Trainer: Down in class with the Green Hornet! Hoping for great things.
3 WINTER BLUES Well traveled of late, but without much luck! Seems like a grinder, so the inside post will keep him close enough, but I'd need to see a much bigger punch before I could bet. Not expecting it in this spot.
4 CLASSIC AMERICAN N Underachieving lately, but he's worked his way down in class. We'll get a serious wakeup call one day or night soon. But, we will have to guess when. Andy takes over tonight. Needs more speed.
5 BOBJACKS ANGLE A Here's the other horse likely to be overbet. Scotty Z takes over the reins and this massive closer gets a good post on a class drop to try weaker. Will try to grind down #2 and that may not be easy. Your call?
6 ST LADS FLIRT Tetrick's choice over #7 had a bit of a better start last time, coming off Lasix. Was that the key? If you expect that to continue, this could be a very live price play. Things will have to set up just right, however.
7 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Coming off a scratch and a series of dull efforts. I can't predict a total turnaround and that's what he will need. Gets Lasix tonight, but a longshot, from an outside post.
8 MACHS BEACH BOY Burned a LOT of money last time when way overbet. Yes, he had a chance in there, but wasn't a 3-5 shot! Tonight's problem is the post and lack of pace. He needs a hot one to set up that rally. Tough spot.
9 REGALANTHROPIST Has worked his way all the way down the ladder and seems due for a better effort. If you suspect he'll fire out of the gate, then I'll tell you he's got a chance. Should offer square price too!