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First Meadowlands WHHC Qualifier of 2020 Set for January 11th

Friday, January 3, 2020

Next Saturday, January 11th the Meadowlands hosts its first WHHC Qualifier of the new year.  Four spots are up for grabs in the $400 Qualifier ($200 entry plus a $200 real-money bankroll).  The format requires players to make $20 Win, Place, Show or combo WPS bets on at least ten Meadowlands races of their choice.   Players can wager more than $20 a race if they desire.   Players can register on-site Saturday up until 7:15 pm.

The remaining Meadowlands qualifier schedule is:

·         January 10, 2020 – March 28, 2020: Free Online Survival Challenge – 3 WHHC seats

·         Saturday, January 11: $400 Qualifier with 4 WHHC seats

·         Saturday, February 22 - $200 contest with top 2 WHHC seats

·         Saturday, March 7- $200 contest with 2 WHHC seats

DerbyWars hosts online Qualifiers for the WHHC every Saturday night.  Players can qualify for as little as $22.    Complete DerbyWars Qualifier information can be found at

The $150,000 World Harness Handicapping Championship Final is set for April 18th, 2020.  The World Harness Handicapping Championship presented by is a one-day tournament, with a welcome reception the evening prior.  Players that did not earn a seat through a qualifying event can directly buy-in for $1,300.  The $1,300 entry fee includes a $300 bankroll, with the remaining $1,000 going to the prize pool.  The WHHC contest format requires players to bet 10 races: their choice of seven Meadowlands races, plus three designated mandatory races.  Players keep all pari-mutuel winnings.  Prize payouts are to the Top 10. 

Players already qualified for the WHHC Final include:


First Name

Last Name

2019 Summer Survival



2019 Summer Survival



2019 Summer Survival



November Meadowlands Contest



November Meadowlands Contest



December Meadowlands Contest



·         Spot will be taken by Joe Pavlica’s father

For more information on how to become a WHHC partner outlet or sponsor, contact Rachel Ryan, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment ( or 201-842-5015.  For online qualifying on, players may contact

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