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Monday, January 1, 2018

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Nomination forms and conditions for Meadowlands stakes races are listed below:  

2018 Meadowlands JUNE Series

 2018 MRE Spring Late Closer Application 

  2018 Meadowlands Stakes Conditions 

  2018 Meadowlands Early Closer Application
  2019 Meadowlands Pace Sustaining Form
  2020 Meadowlands Pace Yearling Nomination Form  

  April 15 All Age Late Closers 


Stallion Restriction List  



 For information on other stakes raced at the Meadowlands please note: 


Visit the Hambletonian Society website for information on races listed below: 

Hambletonian - Hambletonian Oaks - Hambletonian Maturity

Cane Pace & Shady Daisy / Tompkins-Geers Stakes 

WN Reynolds Memorial


Visit Tioga Downs for information on races listed below: 

Empire Breeders Classic

Roll With Joe - Artiscape - Crawford Farms - Joie De Vie (Muscle Hill)


Visit the Office of the NJSS for information on: 

New Jersey Sired races




The Hambletonian and a few other Grand Circuit stakes on the Meadowlands calendar are administered by and the property of the Hambletonian Society. All of the NJSS races are handled by the NJ Sires Stakes offices. Payments on those stakes should be directed to those offices.  







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