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2019-11-01Breeders' Cup Simulcast Day 1
2019-11-01Tote Machine Payout
2019-11-01Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-11-02$100 November WHHC Qualifier
2019-11-02Breeders' Cup Simulcast Day 2
2019-11-03Simulcast Sunday
2019-11-07Senior Discount Day
2019-11-082019 Calendar Giveaway
2019-11-08Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-11-08Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-11-09Hockey Night at the Track
2019-11-15Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-11-15Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-11-15That's My Driver
2019-11-16Gobble Gobble - Turkey Giveaway