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2019-10-11Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-10-11Turf Racing
2019-10-11Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-10-11Tote Machine Payout -Turf meet
2019-10-12Change Your Luck -Turf meet
2019-10-12Change Your Luck
2019-10-12Turf Racing
2019-10-18Turf Racing
2019-10-18Text Voucher Night
2019-10-18Beat The Boss Handicapping Challenge
2019-10-18Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-10-18It's Your Lucky Day! - Turf Meet
2019-10-19Win up to $500!
2019-10-25Free Texas Hold'em Poker
2019-10-25Breeders Crown