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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, August 04, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-3-7-
H Horse Comment
1 LAGERFELD Seemed to be in nice form until those last two. And that break really concerns me! Gets a much better post and has aggressive pilot aboard. Should be in position, if he's primed, ready to deliver a top effort.
1A PINKMAN Hasn't had a lot of luck at post draws and handicaps lately, and it continues today. Post 10! Hambo champ is also coming off a curiously dull effort. That, plus Andy Mac chose #3. So, I've got a lot of negatives here.
2 GURAL HANOVER Provides an important turn of early speed from the pole position in a daylight race. Don't underestimate that! He won the Hambo Day opener last year with Matt, so let's expect a top effort at a good price!
3 MUSCLE DIAMOND Wow, that was some mile he turned in here at the end of June! 1:50.1! Was ignored by the bettors in the Philly series and turned in awesome try! You know he'll want to be part of the pace. A Mac's choice!
4 SORTIE Has now strung together three straight where he stayed trotting. That might be a record for him! But, he hasn't offered a lick of early zip to stay close. I guess I'd be surprised if he jumped up and won this at huge odds.
5 OBRIGADO The pride of the Kelley stable makes just his third start back, and it sure looks like he's come back good! Deceptively sharp here in the Preferred, and then very good at Tioga. Regular driver Mark Mac back in the seat. He's sitting on a big one, folks!
6 RUBBER DUCK The Duck always seems to do good work wherever he goes. But, this field might be too strong.
7 SUTTON Wow, was he good here a few weeks ago! If anything, that extra time off will probably benefit him. I'm not in love with the post, but know Andy can do whatever he wants. A fast 5O for sure. If he gets to top, tough to catch.
8 ROSE RUN SYDNEY What a solid, and talented 4YO this mare is! Seems to deliver top efforts no matter where she shows up. I like that! What I hate, is the post today. How's she going to get there in a daylight race? Not likely.
9 SATIN DANCER And here's another possibility to show speed. It's not in Tetrick's nature to just take back, but if he does fire out, we might see a little mayhem! This is no easy spot. But, obviously, she's good right now. Tough call.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 BELIEVE IN ME Aimed a little high in the Shalee and had a tough trip. Fired back against a vastly lesser group at Pocono and disappointed. Is she really in the same league with Kissin and Candygirl? No.
2 YOUAREMYCANDYGIRL Scooted back to home base at the Meadows and zipped around the track in the Adioo Volo. Nice mile. Now, she's back in against the arch rival and I can wait to see who wants the lead. I think it's Candy!
3 DANCE BLUE Has very quietly put together a solid season so far. This is the BIG bump up to test her class today. Her stablemate is much more accomplished, and we know that. I'm anxious to see if she's good enough to threaten.
4 KISSIN IN THE SAND Had a very strong qualifier, as a maintenance tune-up behind the older Pure Country. It was perfect. In the Shalee, Scotty Z made sure he had the lead. Today, that may not be the case. Very good battle coming! Trainer: Raced great in the Mistletoe Shalee and followed up with a perfect qualifier to keep sharp. Can't be anything but happy with her.
5 SANSOVINA HANOVER Been playing second or third fiddle to her more heralded stablemate, the Candy Girl. But, this filly ain't bad! And she's got some speed. I'm not saying she can win this, but she can be part of the ticket.
6 I'M TRIGGER HAPPY Took a very aggressive run in the other division of the Volo and could not get past Alexa. It was still a very good try, and she now has post edge on that foe again. BUT, she's facing #2,4. Is that going to work? No.
7 DOUBLE A MINT Somebody in here has to be the longshot, and this is it. Drew bad post too! Good luck.
8 ALEXA'S POWER Alexa is a very good filly in her own right. BUT, when she's faced #2,4, she hasn't been good enough to get by. Her lack of luck continues with this post drawn. Should be very interesting sprint into first turn.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 REPENTANCE Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the "redraw" to this event. Gets the rail. When last seen here, she showed ton of heart to dig in and win. Comes off a nice tightener chasing Atlanta. Set up for a big one, folks.
2 SAMIS ROLIN STONE Endured the rough, overland journey last time. That's what bad posts do to you. Now, it's an inside post, but Sami still has something to prove here. Let's see if she can keep up in a very fast mile.
3 WINBAK NOELLE Seems ambitiously spotted here, as she was in the Oaks elim. Still a longshot, even w/ Orjan K.
4 FOLLOW STREAK Seems to be a much stronger version this year at three. Each win gives newfound confidence for Team Orange Crush., I like that she overcame a tough trip down at Philly. BIG test for class coming today.
5 BASQUIAT I keep waiting for this lass, and her stablemate to come up with a big effort. This would be perfect spot for it. Johnny gets the call. The post is a lot better. She should be perfectly positioned. Time to step it up, folks.
6 BELLA GLOS No match for them in that grand circuit stakes. This is equivalent. Is she ready to blossom one of these days? I don't know. I thought she was better than she's shown so far this season. Time to give us more.
7 PIRANHA FURY Tons of talent, but she just can't stay trotting. If you choose to bet, I will simply wish you luck.
8 COURTNEY HANOVER Probably the biggest loser of the "redraw." She had the rail. Now must do it from post eight. Seemed poised to threaten last week when she broke. That was very costly. How will she bounce back off that?
9 CONSUELA FASHION Coming off a poor performance, so I can't predict a total turnaround. That's what she would need, and post nine never helps.
10 TOP EXPECTATIONS Hasn't won yet this year, and she's definitely on the outside, looking in. A longshot.
11 PERFECT SUMMER K Seemed like Louis had her in a good spot in that Oaks elim, but when they trotted away fro her, she couldn't keep pace. She's not very big. Second tier start behind the fave should help. Sits in, and saves ground.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-6-10
H Horse Comment
1 WHITE TIGER Big start to the day for Anthony Mac. He's got Lawmaker coming up later. This gelding appears to have some talent. Cover up that one mistake, and I like what I see. Transfers back to the big track. That might pick him up.
2 MARSEILLE I'm not sure that Ake has this colt exactly where he wants. Actually went slower at the Meadows, than he did at Pocono. The baby race here was just fair. Guess I'd have to consider this one a longshot today.
3 GERRY Very, very nice colt here! Needless to say, Mr. Melander has ALL the power in the Peter Haughton. They'll sort themselves out early, and it should be good slugfest to see who's best. I like the way he dug in against #6.
4 TRIX AND STONES After a seemingly good bounce back in the NJSS final, he regressed again. Not sure where they're at with this guy, but he can finish pretty well when he's good. I just don't anticipate the faves all hurting each other.
5 GREENSHOE Simply put, if the well-mannered Green shows up today, he will win. Even I must admit, that qualifier last week was most relaxed and controlled I've seen him. That spells trouble for the rest. IF he trots, he probably wins.
6 DON'T LET'EM This is a very nice colt too! Came charging after Gerry once Yannick got him in gear. Draws the same post here, so I guess it's all about the trip. It will be nearly impossible to track down the Melander Fourpack!
7 MASS FORTUNE K Probably would have benefited from a race over the track, had there been eliminations. Since he broke the one time he appeared here, I have to consider him a longshot. Especially from this post.
8 KREDIT KARMA One of four for Marcus M. This one's almost an afterthought. Drew poor post. Tough assignment.
9 HUDSON RIVER Looked just a little bit flat to me last time, trying to chase after Greenshoe. But, let's not be too hard on him. My bigger problem is today's post. Is he going to fire out? Because if he doesn't, it'll be long way to go.
10 GREEN MANALISHI S I really do wish he'd drawn a better post. He's shown the kind of speed and ability where he could give his stablemate a big test. Not sure what Dave's plan will be, but I hope he gets into it. Could be nice battle.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 BEAUTIFUL SIN Set a pretty hot pace in that wild weather last week and got nipped late by Starita. Still, take nothing away from her effort! Yannick/Jimmy won this last year with the super Manchego! Will they repeat with Sin?
2 HANNA DREAMGIRL Battled her butt off all the way in the rain last week. Her stock went up, in my book with that effort! If we get a little action in here to soften up #1, this is the prime fear! She's the best finisher in the race.
3 SPECIAL HONOR That was an amazing performance by her last week. I still don't know how, but Andy found room from an almost impossible spot. The tougher trips before that did her in, so it's ALL about the trip. Will she get one?
4 SWIZZLE STICKS Andy Mac had a choice, and opted here over #7. She didn't really have a lot of pop in the elim, but the conditions were so bad with the rain that I can excuse anybody. Did nothing wrong prior to that. Picks up check?
5 THE ICE DUTCHESS Somehow got nipped by the flying #3 last week, but what a good race she put it! And, it was off a sick scratch! Gets a new driver in Johnny, with Yannick taking #1 as expected. Can you say "live longshot?"
6 STARITA Picture perfect drive from Dave on this filly last week. She had just enough surge up the pylons to nip #1. It had to be huge confidence builder for the filly, as she's looked much safer with hopples on. Makes big difference. Trainer: The hopples have seemed a good security blanket! Filly has loads of talent, and now being able to show it.
7 FATE SMILED She's got some speed, but maybe not enough staying power. Have to prefer others for today.
8 JEZZYS LEGACY Ray sure gave her a chance last week, but she did get a little tired near the end. I guess I'd be surprised if he sent her out of there again, but ya never know.
9 HANOVERS BEST Certainly can't fault her effort last week, under those conditions. I can fault this post, however! I don't see Super Brett taking back, but I don't put her in the same league with the favorites just yet.
10 WHISPERING OAKS Perhaps the one most affected by the rain and storm last week. She was uncharacteristically flat. Was it the weather, or did she just have a bad day? We know post 10 isn't going to help. Must bounce back big.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-12-8
H Horse Comment
1 WILL TAKE CHARGE If you think anybody can beat Hannelore right now, this may be your best option. Will owns a wicked kick when things set up, and he's in the right spot. The rail should keep him close. But, who softens up #12?
2 IN SECRET Really hasn't gone a bad race all year. But, clearly out of the spotlight with her more heralded barn partner. Gets post relief from the half mile track. Will probably just sit, save ground and try to get lucky late.
3 DAYSON Off to a bit of a slow start so far this year. Only three starts. Need to see a lot more before I could bet.
4 BILL'S MAN I like the way Bill is going right now! JB has him in solid form. He battled good bunch at Philly and showed his class. Had a good early part of day on Hambo Day last year. And, was very good in the Maturity. Ready!
5 INTERNATIONAL MONI They're going to try a new set of hands on this fella. Unfortunately, he hasn't been very good yet this year and I can't recommend him yet. Let's see if we get any more trot from the midpack post.
6 LINDY THE GREAT Same boat as his stablemate. Not much going right in their corner just yet. Have to pass.
7 I KNOW MY CHIP Well-traveled of late! That's for sure. He's a very good horse too! Keeps grinding out wins, and checks and that adds up to $780K bankroll. Nice! Is he as good as these "elite" trotters. Perhaps not. Tough post too!
8 MARION MARAUDER Finished second in this event last year, so keep that in mind. The gaps between races are by design and I feel he's probably sitting on a big one. BUT, from how far back. If Hannelore gets easy lead, uphill climb!
9 WARRAWEE ROO He seems sharp right now too! BUT, will Bob M fire him out? That is the question. These guys usually come to race, so it should be interesting sprint down the home straight. Any smooth trip, he can hit ticket.
10 YES MICKEY I doubt he has much chance from this post. Looks like the biggest of the longshots.
11 JL CRUZE The Cruze showed up sharp and ready for his seasonal debut. A very nice mile here. That will have him ready for another, but he's stuck behind a slow starter in Will. Will that ruin his chances? I think it might.
12 HANNELORE HANOVER Yes, she's looked even better this year, but one of these days, a bad post like this might catch up to her. I see a whole bunch barreling out of there. Yannick will have to work his way OUT of traffic early.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 BABES DIG ME The Babe finally gets a break at the post draw! That alone will improve his chances. Might not be able to beat the faves, but he'll get a piece of this with any smoother journey.
2 COURTLY CHOICE The Pace champ tuned up nicely with a strong training mile before the qualifiers last week. I saw it. He looked great! The inside post drawn is definitely a plus, to give Dave options. Horse is best as a "finisher" but I'm sure he could get involved early if necessary. Trainer: Trained good on Saturday. Seems very sharp after Pace win.
3 STAY HUNGRY Followed the winner in the Pace and finished up strongly. Can't really fault any of that. He's in the SAME spot today. The post right alongside. If the trips are different, he's good enough to win. Who will move first?
4 NUTCRACKER SWEET Never really got involved in the Pace. I thought he would have taken more betting money with Sears aboard. He didn't. Brian keeps the drive, but from a better post. Change of tactics coming? Maybe.
5 GRAND TETON Actually regained his form with those grinds down at Philly. I'm not ready to try him against the faves, but will be watching to see how much better he is.
6 THIS IS THE PLAN Not much in the Pace final. Even effort in that maintenance qualifier behind Lazarus. And he was okay too! I wouldn't talk you off him as a live longshot in here. I would like to see speed, though.
7 HAYDEN HANOVER 26 and 53 to the half cooked his goose in the Pace. Oh well. Came back with strong qualifier chasing Lax and Lather Up. I think they got what he needed out of that. Will he blast again? Absolutely.
8 I'M A BIG DEAL Taking that big hike back up to stakes company. Drew a bad post. That's probably not going to work.
9 AMERICAN HISTORY The key to the race! Since he drew the worst post, Yannick has to leave with him. His try in Adios final was superb!! Really dug in late to earn the place. He is VERY good right now. Let's see if good enough to get revenge on #2.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHOSHIE DEO Connections have been in the Hambo before. And Georgie B has won one! I don't believe Shoshie is quick enough to battle with the favorites, but he's got the right post to just sit and watch. Must find more late. Trainer: I feel pretty decent. Anything can happen in a horse race. We drew decent and with cover can be a part of this.
2 EVALUATE I can't really say I like the way this horse is going right now. To me, he looks like a longshot today. Barn has two in and we'll see if either can make the final. I have my doubts.
3 MET'S HALL I really can't explain that effort last week in the prep. Looked lost, floundering on the lead, and then he somehow fought back. Is that a good thing? Just does not seem to be as sharp as Wolf or Crystal. Barn has hit board in last two Hambo's, though, so give credit where it's due.
4 LAWMAKER Since Anthony Mac couldn't get here (weather) last week, Dave Miller ended up fitting like a glove! So much so, that they're giving him the drive again. I like that! Shows guts. Enters off career best performance. Expect to see the same speed for driver that would like a little Hambo revenge.
5 WOLFGANG Hasn't done a thing wrong yet. Perfectly prepared by the Trotting Master himself. Gets a very key post edge on the filly and you have to think Yannick will use it. Must stick close to her, and let the battle begin! Trainer: He's very good. Trained him a mile here last Friday and he felt awesome. We want him as powerful as possible for Saturday.
6 CRYSTAL FASHION When he finally hit his gear last week, it was explosive. But, remember. This is a daytime race. The Beal champ showed early speed that night, and it won him the race. He almost HAS to leave, inside the filly. Sharp!
7 ATLANTA Can she do it? Last filly winner of the Hambo was 1996. Five have tried since. She has NOT been tested yet this year, but I promise it comes today. Connections are confident, and they should be. Will racing God's be on her side.
8 HAT TRICK HABIT It does seem that whatever the problem was, it got fixed last week. Hopples on. Stayed trotting. Showed good speed. BUT, post eight is just going to be a killer here. Will need a little luck to advance to final. Trainer: We're going to give it a shot. Think he's on the way up again. We've been having trouble with his feet. That's my biggest concern.
9 ZEPHYR KRONOS Another that is supremely hurt by the post. And, we don't know if he's good enough anyway. He's come a LONG way this year, but I cannot endorse him from the outside post.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-6-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER One of three for Mr. Campbell and Mr. Siegel. Strength in numbers sometimes helps. Drawing the rail also helps, especially in the daytime. Comes off an improved performance. No lasix though.
2 PATENT LEATHER Also loses Lasix and looks like one of the longshots in here. Credit to make it to this point, but best asset here is the good post. Unlike his stablemate, he's coming off a disappointing performance.
3 CLASSICHAP Kind of flying under the radar for Trond. I still remember that dig in win over Tactical. That's the kind of effort needed today. Gave it a conservative try in the Dancer, and that's okay. He'll be sitting on big try. Is it enough? Trainer: I think the big track suits him better. The Meadowlands style of racing. He's a little green and still learning, but he's got a big engine.
4 ALARM DETECTOR I have no idea where they're at with this horse. After a disappointing and tiring try in the Dancer, they shipped him all the way home. Is that qualifier enough to have him ready today? I have my doubts.
5 FOURTH DIMENSION Yes, he looked pretty good in the qualifier. Sound and straight, but what's been the problem this year? It just goes to show how hard it is to bring a horse back at three in top shape. Ain't easy, folks. Tough call. Trainer: I was very happy with his qualifier. He was very good. Did it easily. I think he'll show a lot more in the Hambo.
6 SOUTHWIND CHROME I really like his chances to make the final. Possesses key speed for Scotty and he'll be flying out of there. Not the biggest colt, so the Z takes care of him. Any smooth trip gives huge chance to battle for million. Trainer: Had an injury last year. We gave him a lot of time. He's exceeded our expectations. Felt he deserved a shot.
7 TACTICAL LANDING Well, today's the day his connections have waited two years for. The brother to Mission Brief will try to do what his sister couldn't: win the Hambo. She was huge in defeat. Horse is getting better every week. Very dangerous, if Jimmy can get him close enough to leaders. Trainer: I don't think two heats will bother him. His last start I felt more comfortable with him. I could trust him a little bit more.
8 YOU KNOW YOU DO Not in a very good spot from this post. It really hurts. But, he does have speed if Yannick wants to take shot. It's hard to take back on Hambo Day, but if he does, #9 goes right around him.
9 SIX PACK Keeps drawing bad posts. But, he's got more than enough super speed to overcome it. Connections are probably quietly confident and his effort in the Dancer was monstrous. If that good today, he's the one to beat!
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-1-12
H Horse Comment
1 SPARTAN Certainly looks a lot better this year at three. On a roll right now, but against lesser company. This is the BIG test for class and he's got the rail. Impeccable pedigree, so he was meant to be a good one. Let's see how good.
2 MISSLE HILL Put the hopples on last time and that didn't spur enough improvement. Looks like a longshot again.
3 WILL CAN DO Another taking a pretty big step up. Mr. Durand filled up the trailer with horses when he headed south. Here's hoping he gets lucky in the Oaks with Blonde Magic. This one might be a bit overmatched.
4 EXARCH Really liked him last time, and he did win, but perhaps not as impressively as he should have. There is still room for improvement. Only making third start for the Burke Brigade. They have time to get him faster.
5 CRUISING IN STYLE Doing nice work on the New York Sires Stakes circuit. Made the 1-5 fave work to win last week. I like his speed. I like his midpack post. It's time to give this horse a little respect. Must step up on the big track now.
6 TAE KWON DEO Connections opted to skip the Hambo, and that was probably the right decision. He's still not quite where they want him, said Takter last time. Johnny will drive now and see if he can get him to go faster.
7 SCIROCCO BOB Nice-looking gelding here too! On a three-race form spree, after getting away from the top colts. This is exactly the spot that's right for him and the speed will overcome the post. Would be very hard to leave out.
8 HILL STREET Mixed feelings about this guy right now. He's been okay, but not great. He's flashed speed, but not always the stamina. It's a tough post in a competitive field. I guess I'm leaning against.
9 FASHION FOREVER Loses that inside post edge, and has been a "project" horse for a while now. Have to pass.
10 LINDY'S BIG BANG Dave owns this one, so of course, he has to drive. Did not take an aggressive try from the similar outside post last time. Will it be any different here? I'm leaning towards yes. Take a shot and send him!
11 MISSISSIPPI STORM Seems just a notch or two below the best colts. I kind of like the second tier start for him. Will be a lot closer to the action than he was last time. Smooth trip could get him a check.
12 HELPISONTHEWAY Why did so many favorites draw this dreaded 12-post today? I don't know. It's going to cost some of them. Colt is best as a finisher anyway, but he will have to get into the game. That's not so easy. Short price.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-112
H Horse Comment
1 DEALT A WINNER Tuned up for this with a very nice confidence builder two weeks ago. He's had "big days" on Hambo Day before and the pole post will give him a shot. Expect him to protect the inside at all cost. Price play!
2 FUNKNWAFFLES I've always liked this guy, but not necessarily here on the big track. Looks like a longshot.
3 ALL BETS OFF What an up-and-down year he's having! Wasn't good to start. Got VERY good there in May and June. Has endured some tough trips and bad posts since. I really don't know what to expect from him. At a price only.
4 ROCKIN RON Wasn't bad here in the Haughton, but I feel he's also at his best on the smaller-size ovals. With that said, Louis is still going to send him out of there for a seat. It might work out, like it did on July 14.
5 SICILY Dominated those weaker foes down at home base, but this is asking a lot. I know he likes the track here, but does he have the class to go with these super Free-For-Allers? I have my doubts.
6 WESTERN JOE What a mile last week! Joe has battled bravely all season here, and he sure deserves that 1:47 mark! Scotty Z seems to get along with him too! I'd love to see him get a classic win like this. The price should be right!
7 FILIBUSTER HANOVER He was getting tired late in the Haughton and that's why he broke. For him, that's not a good sign. Was given a few weeks to rest and bounce back. He should, but I hate the post again. Off the pace, maybe?
8 MISO FAST We know he's NOT coming from off the pace! Miso was dueled into submission last week, and note how hard he fought. With added distance, that might make his journey to lead a bit easier? I say might. A must use. Trainer: Good prep last Saturday. He's had a good week so far. Will have to be versatile from post eight. Lots of traffic.
9 WESTERN FAME Not much luck in this corner lately. Have to consider him a longshot again in post nine.
10 CHECK SIX Shocked us all when he won this last year at 36-1! Is he going to do it again from post 10? No.
11 MACH IT SO Some of his finest moments have been here, but so far this year, it's been up and down. The second tier slot will help, but only to save ground. He'll have to find a much bigger kick late, and I'm not sure it's coming.
12 MCWICKED The current King of the Free-For-Allers! But, post 12 can stop anybody. I'm not sure where he gets away in the pack, but it gives me reason enough to take a shot against. Big test for Sears, to try and have in the right spot.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 PLUNGE BLUE CHIP The fastest 3YO trotter of all time is back for another swing at Phaetosive and Manchego. That record mile was accomplished "shoeless," and we all think that will be the case again. Plots for great trip from the pole.
2 WHAT A KNOCKOUT Had every chance last week, given a great trip, but she was a little flat late. It was good enough for her to be here in the final, but I don't see how she can turn up the jets enough to threaten the favorites.
3 SEVIYORUM Sevi was carefully and conservatively handled to make it into the final from that bad post. Team Orange Crush is "rewarded' with a nice post here and if you want to try a closer in this one, she's your bet! Hoping for a duel.
4 MANCHEGO Romped on this day last year in the Jim Doherty. Didn't lose a race until earlier this year Bounced back tremendously since, and she has both post, early speed edge on Phae. This is SOME rivalry. Can't wait till they hook up.
5 PHAETOSIVE Trond has pointed this amazing filly for this day for two years. She's awesome! Played second fiddle to #4 all last season, but it's much closer this year. She might even be a hair sharper right now. The War is coming!
6 HEY BLONDIE Here's your other "closer" if you think the faves will battle each other into submission. Plots for a very nice trip in the flow and she LOVES this track. I wouldn't talk you off her, if you wanted to take a shot at a price.
7 LIVE LAUGH LOVE Brings some speed to the party as well, but I can't guarantee the strategy. She IS good right now too! Dave Miller has pulled off a monster Oaks upset before. He'll need a lot of luck to do it again with Love!
8 LILY STRIDE How about her improvement last week? It caught my eye. She's got major talent when in the mood to race, but today's problem is the post. I just don't see how she gets into the race without total mayhem.
9 BLONDE MAGIC Very nice story behind this filly, but her day was ruined when we drew the nine post. Mr. Durand will have to find a way to sit, save ground and try to get lucky. It's probably not going to work, but ya never know.
10 NIXIE VOLO I don't see her entering the fray from out here, even with the Captain aboard. Bad luck at the draw.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 P L JILL Keep in mind, she's gone a huge trip or two here before. But, that was then and this is now. Doesn't appear to be fully primed and right just now. Maybe the return to NJ will wake her back up? She is capable, and has the rail.
2 BROADWAY DONNA Donna got roughed up down at Philly. She was superb and sensational here before. No doubt she likes the bigger track and this is ideal spot to assert herself. Expect a top effort and we'll see if it's enough.
3 DREAM TOGETHER Definitely seems a bit below her stablemate. Looking like a longshot to me.
4 EMOTICON HANOVER What happened last time? It was the first bad race she's ever gone, in my opinion. She's had a few weeks to get things right and I trust Mr. Blais to get that done. If she's good, we're going to see some speed.
5 CAPRICE HILL That was top level try behind the boys to tune up for this. She hasn't been able to win one yet this year, and I'm not expecting her to win. But, I am expecting her to race well. She always tries hard.
6 ICE ATTRACTION Handed Ariana one of her few losses last year, in that slopfest that was the KY Filly Futurity. Her effort behind Hannelore was pretty good, so she might be rounding into form at the perfect time. Post might hurt.
7 CHECKMATE TIME Still a little bit overmatched with these higher echelon mares. Drew poorly to hurt even more.
8 CELEBRITY RUTH Little disappointing last time against the boys. But, they may have had this in mind anyway. The post today presents a problem, because if she doesn't leave at all, she's last. That would be too much to overcome.
9 ARIANA G All the favorites drew bad posts today! Here's another. Ariana couldn't possibly have looked any better in becoming first horse to capture the Oaks, and then the Maturity. Will get a big test today and she won't cruise right to the lead.
15 Fifteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-11-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 SHARTIN N The extra distance in the Golden Girls didn't help. And she's stuck going the mile and eighth again. But, she's got the rail this time. I don't see Tim not being aggressive. Will she last a little longer on the lead? Yes.
2 L A DELIGHT Finds a prime spot to pull a big upset today. Been knocking on the door all year for a big win. She always shows up with a top effort. She drew the ideal post and keeps Yannick in the seat. No reason not to like.
3 TWINKLE Had a very good qualifier to tune up for this, but she might not be in same league with favorites. Pass.
4 PURE COUNTRY Hard to believe she hasn't won a race yet this year. But, at this time last year, she started coming around. Especially after the 1:48 qualifier. Didn't go 48 last week, but it was still strong and straight. For Sears fans.
5 WINDSUN GLORY Enters off two straight wins vs. weaker. Loses Yannick. A lot to prove in here, even in good post.
6 SAFE FROM TERROR Back from Ohio, via New York. I don't know what happened last time, but trust she'll be ready to go today. IF so, she possesses some serious early speed and these guys don't take back. Will give #1 a tussle early.
7 APPLE BOTTOM JEANS Really like this mare. She was super here in the winter, but not against this type of competition. Drew outside. Would need a miracle to get into the game in this big and bulky field.
8 CAVIART ALLY I'm beginning to wonder about her current form right now. Liked her in the Golden Girls. No match over those past two starts in that tough series in PA. Drew another terrible post. I guess I'm off the bandwagon.
9 NIKE FRANCO N No threat for these in the Golden Girls. Better last time at Philly, but stuck in horrible post.
10 CALL ME QUEEN BE Just not good enough to threaten these from post 10. Even with her speed. I'll pass.
11 BLUE MOON STRIDE Just when I thought she was getting good, maybe I was wrong. Cooked in hot pace down at Philly. All kinds of traffic and no luck here before that. Best asset here might be the second tier start right behind #1.
12 INVERSE HANOVER The shocker of the Golden Girls was her finishing second at 99-1! For that, she's not exactly "rewarded" with this post. Would have to get very lucky, but luck has been in her corner.
16 Sixteenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 GREAT VINTAGE That's a very nice win last time over at Yonkers, but he was well-rated. All things considered, that's a nice bounce back after being sick. Don't forget he's a 10YO now. Good inside post, and possible speed coming.
1A SUNFIRE BLUE CHIP Upset the applecart at Pocono, given a fine drive by Mr. Fonseca. Sadly, the horse gets slammed with post 10 today and that's a killer, unless you're planning on absolute mayhem. He can fly late.
2 CAVIART LUCA Usually seems to be a touch overmatched in a situation like this. Even from the good post, I'll pass.
2A LAWRENCETOWN BEACH Has faced a little bit lesser recently and still hasn't gotten the job done. The midpack post gives Yannick some options, but even I'd be surprised if he won this. For Yannick fans, at a price.
3 MORE THE BETTER N How good is he? I don't think we know yet. Vicious qualifier here. Monster rally and win at Philly. A scratch, and then another huge qualifier. This is the test today, folks. I'll buying the hype and will take a shot!
4 PHOENIX WARRIOR N Love this guy! He's raced well every time too! Dave Miller will handle today and I wonder what the plan will be. I've seen gelding offer wicked speed before. Might take that kind of shot today and it could work.
5 BALLERAT BOOMERANG I also think he's a little outclassed at this level. Andy will try to rally and pick up a piece.
6 DONTTELLMEAGAIN Won the Graduate with the race of his life. Had NO chance in the Haughton the way the race went. Today's problem is the post again. He doesn't appear to leave the gate all that much. Has to get into it somehow.
7 AMERICANPRIMETIME Like #5, the Prime Time is an easy horse to root for. But, when he races against the very best Free-For-Allers, he's not a threat. Not to mention the bad post.
8 MISSILE J It's been a while since he went a huge race and I'm not sure I see it coming today. Tetrick opted off, as expected. He does like the mile track, but I'm probably going to go against.