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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, July 05, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 COMMON SENSE S Did okay in her first real try. That was solid experience builder and she needed it! Will benefit from that and moves all the way inside tonight. Could be more speed in the tank for Svanstedt.
2 ALYVIA DEO Also went faster than she’d been last week, so let’s not be too hard on her. Gets the post relief as well, but does lose Mr. Tetrick, as expected. Chance to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. Sometimes it happens.
3 MISSION US Not quite sure they’re where they want to be with this filly yet. I suspect she’s going to need more racing before we see her best. That’s okay! Let’s look to see if she keeps up a little better this week.
4 FORTUNE STARLET Seemed like they were being careful with her last week despite taking big betting action. That action was there for a reason, so we have to expect a bit more from her tonight. The Vernon preps were too good!
5 MIRACLE FINISH Might need to live up to her name to have any chance. Just doesn’t seem to be as advanced as some of these yet. I’ll watch for more kick in the lane.
6 VIOLET STRIDE Tetrick was also being “careful” with her last week from that outside post. She got the education she needed and should be put in play tonight. A very talented filly here, with that solid pedigree. Like her sister!
7 LINDY’S STARDUST That was definitely a regression with the miscue in the opening leg. Not what they were looking for, so it’s back to the drawing board and back to a tough, outside post. Have to watch one, to see if she trots now.
8 NEVER LATE KAIT Didn’t look like she was ready to trot fast enough in round one. Retains longshot status.
9 JULA CHAMPAGNE The “key” to the race! Fifth foal of mare that made $200K. She’s got two sisters that earned over $100K. Bounced back strongly from the one miscue with powerful, front-ender. Yannick will be leaving with her!
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 ROGERTHAT BLUECHIP Second foal of mare that banked $468K. This barn always a little slow to have them cranked, so this colt is moving according to plan. Let’s see if he “stretches out” with the move to big track. Watch closely.
2 CHIEF MATE One of four in here for the Alagna Armada! Or maybe we just call them the Captain Army? This guy made a good impression both times for Andy Mac and we can clearly see he’s fast enough. The one to beat?
3 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA Second offspring from mare that made $900K. Purposely raced from off the pace in both tries and was much better, storming home in the second. Andy Mac had to make a choice and opted for #2. Tells us?
4 SUPER MAC Sixth from the $1.2 million earner Michelle’s Power! She’s been the hallmark broodmare for owner Jeff Snyder. Brother to Alexa’s Power and Mac’s Jackpot. Do note he’s been gelded! Both baby races good. Tetrick on #6.
5 ROCKIN ROCKO That was a fairly decent baby race here, in quick time. Followed that up with a trip to Philly and a tow-along around the track. I don’t think we’ll see early speed, so might be at mercy of both pace and trip.
6 CAPTAIN KIRK A first foal here, that hammered for $200K in Lexington, but breeder retains some ownership. That’s usually a good sign! Alagna has Tetrick on this guy, and it looks like they’re working him into shape. May need one.
7 ROLLNTHEJOE Another first foal of mare. This one prepped down at home base of Gaitway for the Double D both times. I thought both of his efforts were okay. I guess it’s all about the speed? Will he be firing out? Wish I knew.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 TRICKY SISTER That was not an easy trip in her debut, trying to track down an impressive, well-rated leader. She gets a little post relief here to aid that speed. Will offer the right kind of price, if you fancy to hit the ticket. A maybe.
2 STELLA KEMP Sat a nice, loose pocket to #8 last week and kept up well. There was no getting to the winner, so let’s call that a much-improved effort for Stella. She could take another step forward, but will have to get around #1.
3 SPOILED PRINCESS Was very “conservatively” handled in her debut from that outside post. She finished up smartly, right alongside Violet Stride, who was in first tonight. I suspect we may see her move a touch earlier. That would help.
4 SPIRIT OF DEO Couldn’t possibly have gone a bigger mile in her debut! That was something, when she stuck her nose in front of #5 late. A good battle, indeed! Will they square off like that again? Or can she catch #8? Don’t know. Trainer: She’s fast! Still learning, but Anthony knows her well.
5 CAVIART EVA Take nothing away from her effort in round one. Fought willingly all the way home. Interesting to see if they want to “change tactics” here. Maybe follow #8? I’d like to see her sit a trip and then kick home with a burst.
6 FORTUNE TELLN LADY Flashed a good bit of speed last week and then got locked in behind the top two. Still, it was a positive effort and she’s another in here that could take another step forward. Lots of other pace in here, however.
7 TRISTEN Somebody’s got to be the longshot, so this filly is it, coming off that break. Let’s see if she trots tonight.
8 DRAMATRA Homebred was uber-impressive last week and Scotty Z drove her like she was best. Now, we know why he opted off #6 for his father! The test tonight will come from an outer post. Might have to teach her a little here.
9 DJ’S MIDNIGHT JAZZ Wasn’t a big threat in first real race, so she will need more experience. Switch to bad post.
10 QUEENDOM It’s not usually a good thing when you scratch out of a stakes race. Let’s pass on her tonight.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-11-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN JUKEBOX Had just enough sneaky late pace last week to warrant an extra look. And he definitely proved he can go fast enough! With the pole position, Russell will steer the same way. Sits, saves, tries to get lucky late.
2 VILLAIM Also went a lot faster than he was used to. But, he wasn’t a serious threat. A longshot again.
3 CEDAR HALL HEAVEN Loved the speed he offered on debut. And, he was keeping up late, if lacking the punch to get by. Still a good step in right direction and we’ll see what Eric wants to do tonight. Might try the same thing.
4 ALEX HAVING FUN Looking like a longshot again. Wasn’t really getting involved last week. Would need lot more.
5 ROCKIN THE GATES 13th foal from an almost 100% producing mare. Amazing! Five siblings earned over $100K, including He’s Gorgeous at $743K. I just wish he’d had more than one baby race. I think he HAS to need this.
6 ROCKSTAR HEAVEN Hasn’t offered enough yet, so he looks like a pass tonight.
7 FOLLOW YOUR HEART I’m still in awe of that move he launched. Paced right around the eventual winner, and then acted “greenly” after that. IF they get this guy straightened out, watch out! Extreme speed for a piece.
8 ROCK N TEEN Definitely an improved effort, and nice bounce back after the miscue. Tonight’s problem is post, unless CC is planning on sending the colt. That may be in the plan, but I’d still want to be careful with him. Tough call. Trainer: This horse can go! Has tons of speed. Just have to keep him straight. Last week was much better.
9 HARD ROCK DEO A tenth foal here. Brother to four that made over $100K, so that’s not bad. Would need to pick up his speed substantially tonight and I just don’t see that in the cards. Let’s watch one.
10 SEA ISLE CITY Took a TON of betting action for his debut and just wasn’t very good. A bit flat. Now slammed with post 10, so I’d need to see a lot more before I could endorse.
11 ROCKIN THE ACES I didn’t get the “memo” on this guy last week, but somebody sure did! Paid a whopping $4, with a surprisingly educated win. Maybe got a little lonely on the lead when #7 blew by, but fought back strongly. Talent!
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 SKYWAY KON MAN Hasn’t found a way to win yet, which is always a concern. But, he has been dealing with stakes-types. Mr. Vicktor is a legitimate Hambo contender, so let’s not be too hard on him. Must use the rail wisely.
2 CAPTAIN KRUPNIK He’s been okay of late, but certainly not great. Earning his keep, despite not winning in 15 tries so far. Inside post and some speed will put him in the hunt again. Must find a bigger knockout punch to have chance.
3 HATIKVAH Had a much better experience last week, chasing the big favorite and getting locked in late. That will serve her well. Gets same post, but seems to be meeting a stronger bunch here. Can hit ticket, if trip is smooth again.
4 ARCHIE HILL A little late to the party as a 3YO, and he’s now on Lasix. I didn’t see a whole lot at Gaitway. I’ll pass.
5 SEXY WOW She’s definitely got speed. But, what she doesn’t have yet is stamina. Looking like a price again.
6 SOUTHWIND CHROME Looks like the Cullipher Crew has purchased the 4YO. Yes, it’s been a slow road back so far this year, but you never know with a new set of eyes. Horse is LONG overdue to graduate this condition. Looks best. Trainer: Recent private purchase. Made some changes, including adding Lasix. Been chasing top trotters in sport, so class relief should be a help.
7 CHEAP TRICKS Both this one, and #8 are in the Mixed Sale next Sunday! So, take a good long look at both. They’ve both raced okay so far this year. This one’s even showing better speed. Looks like a good racehorse for future.
8 STAR TRACK HANOVER Same boat as his stablemate. After that solid win, he has regressed just a touch. Gets first test from a bad post, so he’s on the outside, peering in. I’d need to see more before I could endorse again.
9 GALIXTON Talk about a wakeup call! That’s what we got two weeks ago. But, I’m going to step out and say this is a much tougher field than that. Does have a stablemate inside, but the Double D hops aboard again. A good sign.
10 FLAMING TRIX Tough spot for filly, who “scratches in” to post 10. She’s recently on Lasix. May be overmatched.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 SUS Fourth foal of this mare. A half to Beyond Delight, who banked $479K. Had a bad experience up at Monti, so looking to get her back on the right track. Pilot liable to be a little careful here, to make sure she paces.
2 BABY YOUR THE BEST Eight foal of the Richard Young mare Dolphins Can Talk. She’s a half to Bushwacker, who’s earned over $700 so far. He’s a fast horse! Dave Miller “educated” her perfectly in the baby races. Should be ready.
3 SHOULDABEENATD Full sister to Pace Baby Pace, who’s won here this meet. Fourth offspring of dam that banked $600K. Was cruising through her Gaitway trials. Typical Burke Brigade here. She’s got speed and she IS ready!
4 ACROBATTA Bob Key homebred here that didn’t make the first turn up at Monti. She’s not the only one! Her first baby race showed promise, so let’s look for a little bounce back on the bigger oval. Have to see if she’s fast enough.
5 ESPRESSO MARTINI Not bad so far, but maybe not ready to pace in 54? Team Cancelliere has her headed in the right direction with no mistakes. The Captain may take a shot and send again. That’s his style.
6 SWEETONTHEBEACH First foal of mare that earned over $470K. Team Miller seems to be showing up ready with all its youngsters. The post might present a bit of a test, since this lass wants to finish. Hoping they mix it up a little.
7 CAPTIVATING STORM Seemed to race better when she moved from off the pace in second try. Have to think that will continue, so let’s see how far she ends up early. I’ll be watching closely.
8 JK FIRST LADY Very first foal of 2014 Horse of the Year, JK She’salady! Received a perfect “education” racing from just off the pace, finishing up willingly in the bridle. So, will they race her that way tonight? If so, post is a problem. Trainer: Top filly! Has not been cut loose yet in her qualifiers. Obviously, close to my heart!
9 PRIMROSE Shows only one start so far, so that tells me she’s a little behind the main babies out of this camp. That, plus a post nine start almost make her a pass for tonight. Will be watching for future evaluation.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-10-9
H Horse Comment
1 MARLOE HANOVER What a turnaround for this lass in a start! Co-owned by Dr. J of Hanover Shoe Farms, who bred this lass. It was a much slower race, but she took a big step forward. Is she ready to pace much faster? We’ll see.
2 HEN PARTY Didn’t have much chance last week, pulling into a monster. But, it was still a good, educational start. She’s doing okay work so far, but will have to step it up even more to threaten. A longshot to me.
3 COCONUT BEACH Gets her “rematch” with #4, and they were both pretty good here last Saturday. This lass by Art Major seems like a dedicated closer, so hoping they mix things up. Don’t be shocked if she comes charging late.
4 LADY LOU Second foal of this mare. Her brother took a mark, so that’s good. Cost $55K to bring home from Harrisburg. Really hasn’t been tested yet, but she’s done it the right way. Gets the test for Andy Mac tonight.
5 REAL LONG HANOVER After being outsprinted by #4 in their debut, she marched right back and scored a strong win. Maybe only Tony A can tell us which one will be better, but I did like the look of her too! Lots of speed in here.
6 SOMEBEACHSOMEDAWN Her sister is Abigail Dawn, who owns a couple wins at this meet for Team Ryder! As expected, she was raced from off the pace in her preps. Switches to big track. How ready is she tonight?
7 SHEBESAILIN Her mom was world champion and $759K earner, Shebestingin! That mare was very, very fast, but also a little hot. Only second foal from her, and brother has mark of 1:52.2. Plenty of talent, but must be controllable. Trainer: Late bloomer. I like this filly. Just have to see what she’s ready for.
8 WAYSIDE A fifth foal here, and full sister to Sandbetweenurtoes. Can’t fault either of her efforts down at the farm, and this may be rare chance to get a price on a Burke horse, IF you fancy. The post won’t make it any easier.
9 BOLT OF BEAUTY A tenth foal here, and who knows, might be best one yet? I love the fact that she won on lead, and from just off pace already. That shows talent and manners. I just hate this post here. Don’t know if she’ll blast.
10 CAVIART JANE Some of the Captain Crunch connections here, hoping for a big night tomorrow. Daughter of the Captain, out of mare that earned over half a million! Could be any kind, but it’s still post 10 in debut. Not easy. Trainer: Top filly! Been impressive since day one.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 MESSI N Needless to say, as soon as I jumped off the bandwagon, he won! And at 5-1 no less! Oh well! This gelding, along with Bravo and others are all stepping up a notch. Can he win again? Sure! But at what price? Your call.
2 NASCAR SEELSTER Returned to Club Med last week and turned in a strong try! But, don’t expect that 22-1 price again. Gets much needed post relief, but he will need an easier journey to get the whole pie. Can be used.
3 SHATTERED GLASS Hasn’t had a whole lot of luck here lately. Forced UP in class. Still a longshot to me.
4 QUALITY BUD The Bud hasn’t won in a while and after another tough trip loss, he’s forced to move up the ladder tonight. Gets Yannick back in the seat, and is one of many possibilities in this wide open race. Demand fair value.
5 JK WILDFIRE Headed to the Mixed Sale next Sunday. Also coming off an improved effort upon return from Philly. He’s a one way closer, however, that might need the exact right setup. I wouldn’t want short odds on him in here.
6 TRAYVON Really don’t know what to make of this guy. He’s raced here before, and he comes off very intriguing upset win against claimers. I guess he needs to race from off the pace too! Can he outkick these? I say no.
7 BRAVO TEX N That WAS a tough-luck loss if you had him last week! BUT, it was also horse’s best race in a long time! He’s definitely back in form now, but you’re looking at low odds again, AND a tougher post. Very mixed feelings.
8 SADIQ HANOVER This will be the sneaky “price play” of the night. Showed just enough late interest in first go here to warrant an extra look. Sears was listed, but just how overbet will he be? Tough to take low value in wide open event.
9 MAAJAACKKOBE Clearly needed his first start back and now gets slammed with even tougher post. Have to pass.
10 BRUCE’S MAGIC Bruce finds his way back to the Med, but into almost impossible spot. Post 10, and class hike.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 HIDDEN COVE Eighth foal of mare that earned over $100K. Looks awfully quick, and I love that they raced her over three different tracks! That shows good versatility, and so does her racing style. Could be any kind for Team Miller.
2 JK FINENDANDY Nice-looking homebred here! Half sis to JK Mardi Says, who already has mark of 1:52.2 and this is second foal. Been prepared carefully and cautiously, but storming home both times. Likely coming off pace again. Trainer: This filly can fly! Loves a target.
3 IT’S A SHORE THING Looks like she had a bad experience in her first real race. Not good, but we can’t blame her for an interference break. Also a homebred, so they can take their time with her.
4 REFLECT WITH ME Ninth foal of a 100% producer. Don’t see that too often. One of the many Captain’s in the Alagna Armada and they will sort themselves out. And yes, those are ALL 26-change final quarters. That’s very good to see.
5 HARPSWELL Mixed feelings about this lass for Diamond Creek and Burke Brigade. Was ready to go day one, but was outfinished. Then, didn’t get any faster. She’s going to need to find some more stamina. That’s hard to predict.
6 NEVER EVER FORGET Of the barn’s pair, this one might be just a touch speedier early? Love the progression she offered in just second appearance. A rally. Then speed! If she guns to the front, will try to hold off her stablemate.
7 SHE’S GOT GAME Another from the Burke Brigade that might not be in the top-flight set just yet. A longshot.
8 IDEAL PATRIOT A 15th foal here, which is rare. Sibling to four that banked over $750K. Coming along slowly so far.
9 ROOMTOBREATHE Another that just doesn’t seem to be quite up to the task just yet. That, plus post nine.
10 ROCKNIFICENT First daughter of the great Rocklamation! She made $2.2 million in her career. Cost $145K to bring home from Lexington, so hopes will be high. Charged home in both baby preps. Post 10. Too far back early?
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 LUCK N ROLL K The one try here wasn’t bad. The follow up at Yonkers was a disaster! Back to the big track, but in a VERY tough spot. I guess I’d be surprised if he jumped up and won this.
2 CRUSADES Definitely proved he belongs here, after that good, steady grind into a monster. Gets the same cozy inside post, but is meeting some new shooters in here. With any improvement off that acclimating mile, watch out!
3 MAJOR DECEPTION Took a shot in the Hempt after that big win here, but wasn’t good enough to make the final. Clear-cut class relief back to the level of the win. Looks like the horse to beat, after a very good post draw.
4 SHIM This looks like a maintenance race between stakes engagements. Some of his NYSS efforts were okay, but then he suffered the bad post blues! Let’s see what he’s capable of on mile track.
5 FROMTHESTARTAGAIN Kind of the same boat as #4, but I have to admit, he’s done pretty good for a homebred with only nine lifetime starts! There is some talent here. Another son of So Surreal to do some good.
6 BRING THE THUNDER The Double D had himself taken off #7 to end up on this one. Yannick was originally listed, but surely was taking #2. So, what do we make of that? Was doing good work down at Philly. Fits here. Price?
7 ALTA SHELBY N Surprisingly just one lonely win for this guy this year. And, current form not good. Have to pass.
8 RESPECT OUR FLAG Finds his way back to Club Med for Team Bongiorno, and last time he was here, he was huge! However, he’s a closer and this is a tough post against a good field. All the power is inside. That won’t make it easy.
9 BLANK CANVAS Second of barn’s starters and neither one is in particularly good spot. Have to pass here too!
10 LETS ROLL I’ve already taken a couple of swings on this guy and it didn’t work out. But, he did race well. And, the last time Tetrick drove, he won. But against vastly lesser company. Post 10. I don’t know what to expect here.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-9-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 THE ERM Mare invades from Canada and into a new barn. There are some serious horses in here. Too tough.
2 VERY VERY FAST Last time he was here, he ran into a well-rated JL Cruze. Seems to be at his best at just one notch lower than this. For that reason, I will make him a medium longshot.
3 O SO EASY Looks like another longshot, after a break up at home base. I guess she needs a bigger track? Only second start of the year and these look a little too tough for her right now.
4 ZLATAN Finally got a well-deserved win last week! And it was a slick drive from Vinny that got him there. So, we begin the ascent back UP the class ladder and this is where water gets a LOT deeper. Needs another lucky trip.
5 DARLING MEARAS S Came to the states with a big reputation, but it hasn’t worked out just yet. Did bounce back nicely in that qualifier after the break up north. She wasn’t loaded, but merely kept up behind Manchego. Class edge?
6 EXS AND OHS Finds her way back across the river and into a really brutal spot. I don’t think she can go with these.
7 JOEY BATS After that miraculous flying finish here, he went right down to Philly and romped even easier! Joey isn’t the world’s quickest starter, though, so it will be up to Tim to put him into the game. Short price too!
8 SATIN DANCER How good is she? I don’t think we know just yet. After getting the mare from Indiana, Travis sent her to Pocono and that’s a monster, good-looking line! Will try to get the “jump” on Joey and might offer a price.
9 BUEN CAMINO Originally, Trond listed himself to drive, and then found Yannick was available. This is a very good horse that’s getting a touch of class relief tonight. He’s also got speed! So, the early power is all on the outside.
10 GOLD MEDAL SWAN The Swan did good work here. The Swan then went to PA and did more good work! But, he could be crushed by the post tonight. I see a LOT of speed to his left. That may not work out.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 GENERAL IDEA A second foal here. Earlier sister took a nice mark of 1:53.4. This guy seems to be having trouble handling the smaller tracks, so back to the Med where he baby raced well. Sits, saves and tries to get lucky late.
2 BOMBSHELL HANOVER Has two brothers that earned $424K and $752K, so that’s not bad! Cost $60K to bring home from Harrisburg. Baby raced well all three times for Team Orange Crush, so he looks ready! Tests the Captain’s!
3 MAJOR BETTS Dex chose here over #4, so that’s a big call. He chased these in his second prep, but the mile was better than it looks. I’m not telling you he’s ready to beat the big boys, but he will surely race well again.
4 IDEAL PERCEPTION Perhaps the lesser known of the Alagna foursome. We’ll wait for another day here.
5 CAPTAIN NEMO His mom made $1.2 million, and she’s a 100% producer so far. Cost just a little bit more ($400K) than the other Captain in here. IF he can find the speed his brother Hayden Hanover has, watch out! Finishing strongly.
6 GENIUS MAN Can’t count out Erv and Marcus here either. This is a first foal that finished up solidly both times. I do wonder what the plan will be from this post. Regardless, this is no easy spot against high-priced talent.
7 CAPT MIDNIGHT His pricetag was $350K at Harrisburg, so hopes are always high! The full brother to Captain Trevor, who is in the Pace elims tomorrow night. Fought off both his stablemate, and #2 in the morning. He IS ready!
8 HE REFUSES TO LOSE The other that is perhaps a bit lower in the rankings around his stablemates here. Very likely to race from back of the pack and try to pass tired ones. Continuing his education.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-7-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 CHIEF JUSTICE That really wasn’t a bad race last week, rallying in behind a Hambo contender. Overall, he’s been a little inconsistent, but he’s only four. Lots of starts, so we know he’s a racehorse. Inside post a big plus for him.
2 LIFE WELL LIVED No real factor in this race last time, so he looks like a longshot again.
3 CHELSEES A WINNER She chased a weaker field with no impact last week, so I can’t be too positive tonight.
4 THERAPUTIC Won the last time we saw him here, but that was a vastly lesser group. Hiked up a little at Philly and must have impeded somebody. Corey had some options in here and did not take this guy. Tells us something.
5 HENDERSON SEELSTER That was a pretty tough beat if you backed him last week! (Dave Little!) He was well-beat, and well-meant and did everything but win. Gets another chance from a prime, midpack post. Will be gunning.
6 VOSS VOLO Corey’s been the regular driver of this guy for a while, and he bails out tonight. So, that’s not exactly a vote of confidence in this corner. Gelding probably needs a class drop to get healthy again.
7 SIMPLY VOLO This WAS the Captain’s choice, so let’s take another look. IF you can just toss the miscue and concentrate on times CC drove, horse was very good! Might offer some value in here, if they can overcome the post.
8 ARMAGEDON SEELSTER Back and forth between Philly and Yonkers. Some good efforts. Some not-so-good efforts. Makes it very tough on the handicappers! I’m definitely not in love with this post. He does have some speed, though.
9 CALL FOR JUSTICE Another Mixed Sale bound trotter! Invades from the Burke base at The Meadows where he worked his way down in class. Can leave if Yannick wants, and they might be trying to impress. Can be used.
10 CASINO CUTIE IT Perhaps the big “mystery” horse in here! Fanning got the horse a month ago and has righted the ship! Adding Lasix one of the keys, maybe? Tonight’s problem is obviously post 10. Not a quick starter.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-1-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 GERRY That was a pretty good try vs. Hambo Hopeful Don’t Let ‘Em! A good bounce-back kind of effort off the break. Hasn’t won yet this year, but that can always change. One of many possibilities in a wide open finale.
2 HAMMER TIME Seems like the Hammer tailed off a bit. Came back with a less-than-inspiring qualifier, so I have to think he’s going to need a race or two. I’m willing to wait for the right spot.
3 CAPT CHAPS HANOVER Was having a much better 3YO season until the breaks started. Now, the hopples go on and they worked right away in the Gaitway qualifier. Didn’t beat much, but looked okay doing it. Another possibility.
4 MEMO The Memo hasn’t exactly distinguished himself so far. Only two starts and overmatched in both. Tired down at the farm, so that’s not a good sign either. Have to prefer others for now.
5 BIODETTI HANOVER Rapidly gaining speed and experience this season. Didn’t make it to the races until age four, but it looks like the patience has paid off a little. This will be HUGE test for speed and class. They will go faster in here.
6 SMART AS HILL Down from Canada for Team Marion Marauder. The race two back in Goodtimes elim vs. Forbidden Trade would crush these. BUT, will he stay trotting? That IS the question. Take a good, long look out on the track.
7 MAX VOLO After a really good run of races earlier, it seems Max has tailed off. Back to longshot status.
8 SPECTRE Launched an ill-advised move two back and broke. But, then he came back with much stronger race and kick two weeks ago. I guess tonight’s problem is the switch to bad post. He will have to prove it again from out here.
9 REIGN OF HONOR After several weeks off, he tried the Beal and that didn’t work out. When last seen here, he was charging home behind Greenshoe. I know it’s post nine, but isn’t he supposed to win this? No matter how far back?
10 WINNING AMERICAN Had an acclimating mile to get used to the track, but isn’t this an impossible spot? Yes.