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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, July 14, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY DONNA Been doing great work lately, against the boys in that series over in PA. Finished third in the leg here last year, behind Emoticon. Good rivalry renewed and Donna has the post edge. Expect some big time speed!
2 BARN BELLA Gotta love this hard-trying mare! Appears to be over whatever ailed her, causing the scratch up in Canada. I like the post drawn here, so she can just sit and stalk. If things get a little "western" she will finish well.
3 NF HAPPENSTANCE High speed lass is 14-16 first or second this year, so that commands respect. But, all of her work has been done on the smaller size tracks. Will she be able to go mile track speeds, and still last? I guess we'll find out.
4 ROYAL WITCH Consistent so far this year, but this is clearly an ambitious spot. Not sure she's ready to tackle the likes of #1,6. Looks like the longshot of the crew.
5 EMOTICON HANOVER Simply put, I don't think she's ever gone a bad race! She is as "versatile" as they come and tries very hard. Romped in the leg here last year and eventually captured the final in Ohio. The one to beat!
6 CAPRICE HILL A willing second to Hannelore in the leg here last year. That's been a common theme for her. Doesn't have a win yet this year, so that is a concern. And so is the post, unless McNair is planning on a gate blast. Tough call.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 ICE ATTRACTION Hasn't had quite the same season so far in 2018, but that can always change. Her best performances have come on the big track and she plots for a very nice trip, possibly right behind #4. Chases.
2 P L JILL Owns a very good history here at Club Med, so keep that in mind when chalking up those bets. Finally gets a break from the post gods and it's going to make a big difference. All she's got to do it sit, and try to keep up. Will.
3 THE ERM Doing good work for Norris since being sent south. Even speed tightened her up a bit with that last try. I don't really think she's in the same league with the favorites, but ya never know. Could eek out a share.
4 HANNELORE HANOVER The Queen until dethroned! Cruised in the leg here last year, and has looked virtually invincible so far this year. I probably should have just made her 1-9, because that's what she'll go off. $2.10.
5 ROSE RUN SYDNEY Nice mare here wherever she goes. All of her recent races have been against the boys, but this is certainly no "cakewalk!" Since she drew outside #4, that's going to hurt. At mercy of both pace and trip in here.
6 CHECKMATE TIME Has a few good starts here over the past year, but she's also stuck in a very bad spot with an outer post. I don't envision her blasting, and I don't envision her making up enough ground. Needs to get lucky.
7 CELEBRITY RUTH Here's the "wild card" in here. She does have speed, if Dave wants to use it. Her last start here was a dazzler, so Dave will remember that. He could take a shot and send, looking for a seat. If that happens, chances go way up.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 BASQUIAT Was "carefully" handled in the Mary Reynolds last week, but I do think she'll get a lot out of that. Playing "second fiddle" to Manchego for two seasons, but she does have talent too! I like the rail and she sit and stalk.
2 HEY BLONDIE Ended up making a break when she and Sevi "hooked up" down at Philly. She was very live that day and will be again, but I do expect Andy Mac to be a touch careful. They definitely don't want her making a break again.
3 PIRANHA FURY Came storming home behind Phae down at Philly, and that's her game! She finishes, but she doesn't have much speed. I do like the post drawn, but have NO idea how this race is going to go. Could set up perfectly.
4 PERFECT SUMMER K Flashed some pretty hot speed over at Pocono and then came to a stop. That's not good, considering third go on Lasix. I just don't think she's got the stamina to stick with these powerful fillies late.
5 SEVIYORUM Was simply vicious when Andy pulled the plug down at Philly. That was some move! Ended up with a track record time and she's peaking at just the right moment for Team Orange Crush. Watch out Oaks! Trainer: Sevi had a nice prep at Harrah's coming into this race. Need some luck!
6 PHAETOSIVE Circled the field like they were standing still down at Philly! Also a very impressive performance. BUT, for tonight's wagering purposes, it looks like both #3,5 will get the jump on her. Is it time to show some speed? Maybe.
7 WHAT A KNOCKOUT Was being pushed about five-deep when she made that break last week. I can forgive that, but she's still got something to prove against a field like this. And, of course, no mistakes allowed. DM's choice over #3.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 EVALUATE Had a very strong effort in the Beal elim, and then got roughed up in the final from terrible post. This is a VERY nice colt, folks, and he'll get a big chance to step up and stamp himself tonight. IF he can beat #2,5,7.
2 WOLFGANG The top rated colt on Ken's Road to the Hambletonian is back! He looked professional in that qualifier and they probably got exactly what they needed out of that. He'll be primed and ready for tonight, and drew well. Trainer: He might need this race tonight. Probably not 100% sharp yet. But, was very happy with his qualifier.
3 HILL STREET One of three in here for the barn, and at this stage, he is the least accomplished. Still, a few of his stakes tries have been good ones. He owns a good turn of speed to put him in position. Let's see if good enough tonight.
4 MISSLE HILL So far, it's been a long season for this guy. No wins. Only one on-the-board finish, and a break in the Beal conso. All of that adds up to longshot tonight. Would need a huge bounce back.
5 CLASSICHAP Wow! Where on earth did his last mile come from? I didn't see that coming, but my eyes have now been opened. BIG confidence builder for the colt too! Have to think he'll be firing out again. Another test coming.
6 FOR A DREAMER Definitely came back with a nice qualifier, staying safely clear of Tae. That was two weeks ago, and his game is speed. I don't see the Captain grabbing up at the start, so interesting sprint to first turn. Must stay trotting.
7 HAT TRICK HABIT As good as #5 looked last week, I thought this guy was even better! What a super debut for the new barn! Looked straight and strong all the way home. Will give the inside ones all they can handle tonight. Trainer: Raced really well in first start. So far, so good, and he had a good week!
8 ZEPHYR KRONOS Was getting better and better for Jimmy, until last time when he made a break. Not sure why, but since he's not a quick starter, this post is a killer. Will finish well, but from how far back?
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 12-5-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 SERENE STRIDE Certainly coming into her own this season at three. Had a couple really good wins in PA last month, and then found the Lynch a bit too tough. This is no cakewalk tonight, even from the rail. Sits and stalks from here.
2 PASS LINE BLUECHIP That's a really fast mile she comes out of. And her best win this year came here. IF you're scratching around for a live longshot, this could be one of your options. Will have to protect inside, but can do.
3 I'M TRIGGER HAPPY Filly has a few sneaky good starts under her belt this year. Her best work comes from off the pace, so hoping for some sort of battle. A maybe, even if Dave Miller opted to #4.
4 BELIEVE IN ME Dave Miller won this last year with Agent Q, so that's a plus! Raced very well here two weeks ago, and Dave opted here over #3, so that's interesting. Will need exactly the right kind of setup, but ya never know.
5 KISSIN IN THE SAND Words do not do justice to her "Herculean" performance in the Lynch. How she kept on coming, I'll never know. She's had a few weeks to recover and seems ideally spotted with the midpack post tonight. Trainer: Raced the race of her life last start and seems to have bounced back very well. Trained super this week!
6 MAJORSSPECIALLADY Hasn't been quite the same filly that we saw last year. Would need huge bounce back.
7 YOUAREMYCANDYGIRL Keep in mind that it took a monster mile to get by her in the Lynch, so full credit for both! She's gone a huge trip here before as well. The strategy will be same. Come catch me...if you can. Must rate the pace.
8 SANSOVINA HANOVER Been picking up minor spoils all season, but her luck might come to an end from this bad post. I don't know if she'll blast, but will face pressure from stablemate if she does. Needs a little luck to cash.
9 CUTS LIKE A KNIFE Upset the applecart with that nice win at Tioga. But, she's in terrible spot here. I have to pass.
10 DOUBLE A MINT Burke has four in here, and this lass drew the worst post. She IS very good right now! Almost deceptively so. Can fly off the wings, if Matty wants. I have to think he'll be going forward. Makes for tough pace.
11 ALEXA'S POWER Homebred has developed into a top filly this year. Showed guts in her Lynch elim. Was okay in the final. I don't really like this second tier spot for her tonight, so Tim will have to work something out. Very tough call.
12 WISDOM TREE How good is she? I don't think we have the answer to that yet. Hadn't faced this caliber of competition until the Nadia Lobell and she crushed 'em! Andy Mac won this two years ago. Has to find way into race.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 8-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 MET'S HALL A little late to the party this year, so that does worry me a touch. He was okay in those qualifiers, but clearly not dominant. I do believe he's going to "need" this race, just to see where they're at. Good test.
2 FOURTH DIMENSION What on earth happened in his Beal elim? Do to the bad post, Sears had to fire him and send out of there. Seemed to be in a good spot and then broke. That was three weeks ago. Would love a qua or something.
3 YOU KNOW YOU DO His best career effort came in that last start. Kept up nicely behind older foe in 50 and change. That was huge step for this colt! Would like to see what he can do cutting mile himself. That would he harder.
4 TAE KWON DEO That was certainly a solid educational start for the Swedish invader. IF he takes another step forward, then he fits with these. Jordan got along with him nicely. I just want to see a touch more tonight, if possible.
5 ALARM DETECTOR Like #2, he's become a bit of a question mark for the moment. Unlike #2, he had a good, maintenance qualifier up at home base. Quickly ships back down here and we'll see if he's back to top form or not.
6 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER I really liked his Beal elim, and even picked up to upset in the final. Had NO chance the way the race went. I don't really like the pace scenario for tonight's purposes, but will be watching very closely late.
7 SAMO DIFFERENT DAY Couldn't muscle past the filly when last seen two weeks ago. Now, he's in against the tougher bunch and drew a bad post. That's probably not going to work out so well.
8 SIX PACK This is a VERY good horse, folks! Ake will be trying to "repeat" in the Hambo and he's got a great chance. This horse packs big speed and will like gun right to the front. I think he'll be too tough to catch. Hop on board!
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-9-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 GUARDIAN ANGEL AS Pocket-rocketed past a very good Broadway Donna in just his third start of the year! How good is he this year? Very, very good! The pole might not be best spot for him, as Tim will have to protect. Gives the mare ALL she can handle late.
2 YES MICKEY Hasn't had too many things go his way yet this season. But that can always change. This inside post drawn presents Svanstedt some options. Mickey has always had good speed. Will he try to step around #1?
3 R FIRST CLASS Wasn't able to beat much lesser company up at home base. These look way too tough for him.
4 TOP FLIGHT ANGEL Finally gets a break from the post gods! Very quietly in good form for Team Orange Crush. Seems versatile enough to do it either way. Andy might think about leaving here. I would. Take a shot!
5 INTERNATIONAL MONI That was some battle with the mare last week and the Moni got the worst of it. Don't hold that against him. I expect a different strategy here this evening. Will be coming from behind, hoping for hot pace.
6 DON DREAM Looks like the other big longshot in here, coming off that break. He's also a closer, so totally at mercy of both pace and trip.
7 SORTIE Well, he did stay trotting last week, and actually wasn't bad! Wasn't quite in the same league with Ariana, but it was nice step in the right direction. Similar handling coming again. Might be too far back this time.
8 BILL'S MAN Perhaps just a touch disappointing last week, but he also probably needed the race. When Bill's on his game, he is a huge threat to these. The post presents a problem, however. Ariana might loop right around him.
9 ARIANA G Parked out The Moni last week and lived to tell about it. In fact, she sprinted away with plenty left! A monster bounce back performance! Just to show us she's still pretty good. Does the post hurt? Yes. Will it matter? Maybe not. Trainer: Could not have been any better! Trained great this week!
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 STAY HUNGRY Put it ALL together with a dazzling elim win here last week! I thought that a breakout performance for the colt. Alagna is only trainer in here to have won Pace before. The rail presents interesting "test" for McNair. Trips out? Trainer: Tripped out to get the important win in his elim. Had a good week, so hoping a similar trip can get same result!
2 THIS IS THE PLAN Not exactly a "good luck" horse lately in the trip department. Was caught along the inside after flashing good, solid speed. Tetrick has won three of last five editions of Pace. Can you say "live longshot?"
3 AMERICAN HISTORY Followed up his 47 performance with another strong showing last week. When he shook free, he made #5 work to hold. It was very good start. He has speed and Yannick will be using it early tonight. Trainer: Super effort to finish second! Lacked room until late and was pacing strong to the wire on a well-meant winner.
4 JIMMY FREIGHT Set a very solid pace in his elim last week and simply couldn't stave off the relentless pressure of #5. It was still huge effort, pacing in 48, home in 26. Will Roy race him the same way again? I think he will. Not enough.
5 COURTLY CHOICE Went the race of his life in last week's elim, easily justifying that $60K supplemental entry. I was uber impressed! Drew the ideal midpack slot here, in race that always has hot pace. Dave Miller can win his first Pace! Trainer: Court had a good week and praying the racing Gods are with us!
6 NUTCRACKER SWEET Also got collared on the lead last week, given every chance to step up and deliver. Kind of makes me think he'll be better from just off the pace. Could just "follow" #5 and set up a kick. First time Lasix!!
7 HAYDEN HANOVER Andy put an absolutely perfect trip on him in the elim, and it took a big effort by #1 to sail past. Horse is very good right now, on Lasix, but can a horse really win the Pace with no wins yet on the season? Doubtful. Trainer: Needs everything to go his way to win!
8 THINKBIG DREAMBIG Lot of very positive comments about his elim effort, and they are deserved! He was pacing just as fast as the winner late, but from touch further back. Tonight's problem is post. How does Jordan get him into it?
9 BABES DIG ME Did a good job, just to make the final, but he'll clearly be the big longshot tonight. Tough spot.
10 DORSODURO HANOVER Could very well be the "wild card" in here tonight. Why? Because he can blast, if Matty K wants. Racing off a helmet last week didn't work as well. It's second Lasix. He'll get no money by taking back. Send!
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 12-4-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 BLUE MOON STRIDE Wow, was she good up at Mohawk in the Roses! Then got collared by Caviart at Philly. Has a history of stepping up big in stakes finals, so don't be too quick to toss out. The rail will aid the speed cause!
2 INVERSE HANOVER Went back to Indiana after a few good starts here and tailed off. Not really sure what to make of that. Will that one qualifier have her roarin ready to go against these? I'm going to guess no.
3 WINDSUN GLORY Hasn't had an overwhelming amount of luck this year. Have to consider her a longshot.
4 SHARTIN N Is an absolute pacing machine when she wants to play! Connections won this last year, but with her stablemate, Nike! Had some time to recover from Canada trip. She is no doubt the one to beat right now!
5 L A DELIGHT Very quietly going very well right now. Barn could be sitting on a big night too! Keeps Yannick in the seat and drew ideal post to give him some options. Send and stick close to #4 early, or wait and follow? Good ?? Trainer: Really starting to feel sharp. If race sets up similar to Roses, the extra eighth will be to her advantage.
6 NIKE FRANCO N Won this last year with a sensational effort, but that was then and this is now. The now horse is her stablemate, and Nike just hasn't delivered the goods. I would have tough time expecting a monster effort.
7 DIVAS IMAGE IF you were searching for a live longshot, you could enter this corner. That was explosive burst over at Pocono to set her up for big stakes try. There could be a LOT of action in this one and she fires late. Watch out! Trainer: An absolute sweetheart who just keeps getting better. That last mile was really something and she's proven to us she belongs against these top mares. I think she's going to love the long Big M stretch.
8 PURE COUNTRY Had a good, professional qualifier here last week. And if you remember, a big qualifier last year set her on a good streak. I really do hate the post, but know she will be firing out. Should give #4 a good battle.
9 VINTAGE BABE Very clearly a huge longshot against this much more accomplished group. Bad post too!
10 PENPAL Found her old form again last week, but I don't think it'll be enough to propel her into this from post 10.
11 CALL ME QUEEN BE A bit inconsistent of late. The second tier will give her a rail ride, but she'll need to get lucky.
12 CAVIART ALLY The Jugette Queen gets slammed with a terrible post here, but ya never know. I suspect this race could have a LOT of action in it, and she is as versatile as they come. Don't count her out, especially if price is right.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 CHECK SIX It doesn't appear that he's in sharp form right now, so he'd be a tough take, even from the rail.
2 MACH IT SO Won this race last year, so keep that in mind! Some of the favorites in here are dedicated closers, so that might help. Mach loves this track, so he could go a lot further than you think. Will offer a pretty big price too!
3 HEAVEN ROCKS A I don't know what happened in the Franklin, but it wasn't good. Horse was huge in the elim, and just about every start since arriving here. Have to give him another chance to bounce back. Might offer value too!
4 FILIBUSTER HANOVER Yannick did race him differently last week and he didn't have enough. Back to the speed, maybe? With all the closers in here, this is ideal spot to send again. Might even work out a nice trip after that.
5 MCWICKED Couldn't possibly be going any better right now. In super top form! The way he races, this post is perfect, and Sears can pull the trigger whenever he wants. He is clearly the one to beat, but will have to prove it here at M1.
6 DONTTELLMEAGAIN Talk about a perfect drive! That was what TT put on him in the Graduate. That was from post two. Now, it's post six and I'm not sure this horse can blast. IF he doesn't do you think he can outfinish McWicked?
7 ROCKIN RON Here's the other big speed type! Yannick chose #4, but I expected that. Ron can leave with the best of them, so we're looking at interesting setup into turn one with the mile and eighth. If the "good" Ron shows up.....
8 SINTRA Probably the one most hurt by the post draw tonight. He doesn't leave. He's outside the other big closers. Unless you know something I don't, I don't see how he can reach without total mayhem. Maybe that will happen.
9 BOOGIE SHUFFLE Another of the big longshots. Appears overmatched and got no love from the post Gods.
10 DEALT A WINNER Hasn't really kicked it into gear yet this year. Absolutely killed by the post 10. Hard to like.
11 ALL BETS OFF Bets looked great here! Bets looked great in his Franklin elim. Bets got parked for his life in the final. He's "locked" into second tier here, and unless they settle early, he may never get out. A very tough spot, folks.
12 WESTERN FAME No real threat in the Franklin. Gets tortured by the post here. Don't see how that can work out.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 MORE DRAGON Pretty darn good here last week! And Jimmy put a perfect steer on him. Steps back up the class ladder tonight, facing a few dropdowns. Switches to Dave Miller. Can grind all night when sharp. Still sharp!
2 MOTOWN N No idea what happened last time at Pocono, but it wasn't good! He is VERY eligible to drop and pop here, provided he's good! Nice pickup for Jordan and he'll have this guy out and grinding. Live cover would help.
3 FORTY FIVE RED Off two months. Comeback qualifier was okay, but probably not enough to have him ready tonight.
4 DAVID'S DREAM Also coming off a little bit of a vacation. He's had some big moments here before, but usually at a level lower than this. I'm going to watch one and see how ready he is. Trainer: First start back off his qualifier. Probably needs a start or two to be right there, but who knows?
5 QUALITY BUD Still racing pretty well, but this upper level is catching up to him. The speed shown lately must always be respected, but he's going to need to dig deep and find one last burst to win one of these. Expect a send!
6 CLOUSEAU HANOVER Was as live as can be last week, and well-bet too! But, he got parked out. So, don't hold that against him. Yannick will have to work out a better trip tonight, and he's got many speeds on both sides. Won't be easy.
7 HURRICANE BEACH Here's the pick to click! It's rare for this barn to bring an overnight horse with them on the stakes trail. They brought this guy. He romped first time Lasix, and with broken equipment! They found the key! Use!
8 AIN'T IT FUN Didn't show a whole lot upon debut here. Draws another tough post and not eligible for class drop.
9 DURANT This guy wasn't as strong last week, as we've seen him before. And now, it's back to a brutal post! Not really sure about his sharpness level, so I will probably go against for a while. We need to see that speed again.
10 SPRINTER N Well-traveled of late! That's for sure. I can still see that 1:50 mile from the winter here. Tonight's problem is the post. He doesn't usually blast. It will be up to Andy to try and "invent" some speed. Just to get into it.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 TOP EXPECTATIONS No wins yet this year, but some steadily improving speed and form. The rail is ideal for her and she's got the right guy in the seat to protect the inside. Will hope for the trip behind #7. Just might happen.
2 PLUNGE BLUE CHIP Finally gets away from Atlanta and now bumps into Manchego! Worse than second only once in her career, so this is a tremendous filly too! IF #7 were to hiccup in any way, she will take advantage. She's that good!
3 LILY STRIDE You never know what you're going to get from her, but we've all seen the high speed at times. Coming off a very good, bounce-back start down at Philly. Will be stalking in the wings, hoping to pounce late. A maybe.
4 CONSUELA FASHION Launched a pretty big move, setting things up for Phaetosive last time. But, I liked what I saw. She's only had seven lifetime starts and seems a little stronger this year at three Stakes-proven now.
5 FLY FLY SERENA Picked up the pieces in that track record mile by Sevi down south. It was a good effort! She showed speed at both ends. Very dangerous outfit when they come here! Proved she could leave. Will she take a shot, blast?
6 LIVE LAUGH LOVE BIG test coming for this lass tonight. She's drawn one slot inside the fave. She's shown much more early speed ability this year. She's on the right track to get her to the Oaks and she's getting faster. Great race coming!
7 MANCHEGO And finally, last year's champion. Lost for the first time when she got roughed up at Pocono. No qualifier since. And the outside post tonight. Will have to bounce back big, because this is no easy bunch. Let's see the champ! Trainer: She is ready!
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-9-7
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN DEO Found the Pace foes a little too tough. No problem. Right back to where he belongs here. Was very good keeping up in that 47 mile. Romped here in early June. Should be the one to beat, tested by #5.
1A KEY ADVISOR This guy was highly hyped last year and started off great! I guess he got injured in the fall. It's taken a while to get him back and I don't think they'll rush him. Drew tough post too! So, let's watch one.
2 POP'S ROMEO Gets a little break from the post gods here, but I still don't think he's got the steam to stay with these. Eric will get him a rail ride and we'll see if he can keep up.
3 ROCK LIGHTS He's the "wild card" in here! Only second start for new barn. I don't really know how to "evaluate" the first one in that sires stakes. He's facing a few fast ones in here too! Did surprise us here earlier this year!
4 MR HEAVEN Took a real shot last week, firing out of there, but he came up a little flat late. That worries me. Not quite the same horse we saw a month ago. Maybe he needs a break?
5 WILD BILL This is a very serious horse here, folks! Showed massive talent last summer, and then took rest of year off. That is probably a good thing! He's come back strong, and the win at Philly was solid. Ready for the big track again!
6 CASUAL COOL Doing well on the stakes circuit so far. This will be a maintenance race between engagements and he wasn't Tetrick's choice tonight, as expected. I think he'll be coming from behind in here.
7 WHEELS ON FIRE Overcame a LOT to win last week! Trapped in. Flat tire, etc. BUT, when he got out, he just exploded! Very eye-catching effort, and a big confidence booster. Drew tough post here and is clearly facing better. Tough call.
8 MACH ONE Been up and down the class ladder a lot. Can't really feel this is the right spot for him. I will pass.
9 ALEPPO HANOVER This might end up being the key to the race! You have to think he'll be firing out despite post 10. That could cause a little mayhem, but horse is very sharp right now, and marching up the ladder. How good is he?
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 MATTAMERICAN Clearly outfinished by #9 last week despite a pretty good trip from Andy. Switches pilots tonight? Has the rail, so he might save some of that burst for the end. That would greatly improve upset chances.
2 NOBLES FINESSE Got rolling in a live flow last week, but he was a lot better. Sometimes we just have to guess on this guy and I usually prefer to guess yes when he drops in class. That would be next week.
3 ALWAYS A HOTSHOT Gave it one heck of a try last week! Forced the issue and was digging in tooth and nail all the way home. Tetrick did opt to #9, but I understand that. Last chance to impress before tomorrow's Mixed Sale!
4 GO BIG SPINDER Took a LOT of money last week and basically got shuffled out of the race. Sometimes that happens. I do wonder what the price will be tonight, because I wouldn't want a short one. Different kind of trip coming too!
5 MAJOR WAR Gets the very tepid call as fave, in this wide open race. Many times in the past, he's been known to wake up on a class drop like this. I expect him to be very live in here, so that means no price.
6 SILVER FOX J Here's another that's been sneaky good in both tries here thus far. He's taking a one notch dip and he could end up with great trip if the flow is live. Mike will put him in play here. Possible live longshot tonight.
7 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Finally had a few things work out his way, so they got the cash vs. lesser. Now in too tough.
8 BRUCE'S MAGIC Bruce had an impossible trip last week, so just toss that out. He's the final eligible class dropper here, but he got stuck with a bad post again. He can win, but I wouldn't bet the ranch at a short price. Your call.
9 BETTORS GLASS Timmy's patience paid off last week! Never left the rail. The Red Sea opened up! And they came bursting through. IF you didn't have him at 26-1 last time, why try now at lower odds on the big class hike?
10 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Taking a four-level class hike after his gutsy G Notes win. Not exactly "rewarded" here with this post, so I'll just take a pass and wait for better spot.