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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, July 13, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 STELLA JANE John B is going to try this homebred on the mile track now, after she made a break over at Yonkers. Drew a nice inside post, and the power in here is stuck outside. Dramatic improvement wouldn't shock me.
2 MEADOWBRANCH JULIE It's rarely a good thing when a horse scratches out of a stakes race. This lass shows only the one start and she didn't look all that ready. I assume she's going to need this, and possibly a few more. In the sale!
3 HANNA DREAMGIRL Started here, and wasn't bad, in behind the speed Starita. Her first start on the small track wasn't bad, but then she regressed into a miscue. I guess we'll take a good, long look at her on the track first.
4 SEASIDE BLISS I've been waiting for Mr. Kelley to show up with a few starters! We get them tonight. This impeccably-bred filly cost $300K to buy, so watch out. She's off to good start with a pair of solid preps at home base. Ready! Trainer: Has trained really well throughout and we are looking forward to her season. I raced her dam, You Want Me, so this filly is special to me. I think she could develop into a very nice filly.
5 FLOS CONCH SHACK Looking like a "project" horse so far for Team Takter. Hopples went on at Poconn and she got around there, a bit faster too! Still needs more speed, but maybe it's coming.
6 BIG WEEZY Shows the typical progression of qualifiers for this outfit. A trip around the track, and then a much improved effort. Cost only $25K at Harrisburg and I like what I see on paper so far. Transitions to the big track.
7 JUMALAY MASS It's only taken a few appearances, but she shows some serious ability so far! That's a heck of a race from the eight-hole at Yonkers. Showed nice speed at Pocono. Only knock is the post. Expect some speed.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 HURRIKANESKY Getting better each and every time, and that's exactly what you're looking for. Will be in the prime spot to stalk the two favorites again and with any burst, she might get past one of them late. Ya never know.
2 LOVE LOVE ME TOO Certainly hasn't done anything wrong yet, but after flashing speed last week, she lost a bit of ground late. With that said, I imagine Mr. Ryder will save that burst for the end this time. Expect her to finish well.
3 G PATEL Seriously had to "need" the race last week. She wasn't a threat, but ends up with a nice paycheck here, no matter what! If any of the other make a mistake, that check gets bigger.
4 HURRIKANE LORI ANN Looked almost unbeatable in round one. Looked like no match for the wickedly-improved Molly last week. Something's gotta give! Drew one slot inside, so expect the gas pedal early. Should be nice battle! Trainer: Thought she should have had more pace in the lane last week, but we can't root against a Hurrikane! We are proud of our filly. She trained great and we expect her very best!
5 MOOLYDOOKER Unleashed the brush and crush to capture round two rather impressively! That was a real eye-catcher and I'm anxious to see if she's that good again. Should be tested at the start and will have to leave a little.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 FULL RIGHTS Note this homebred has already been gelded. Whether that's good or bad is yet to be determined. Barn brings him to the big track after a miscue up at Monti. He might be a touch overmatched with these.
2 KREDIT KARMA Nice colt here for Marcus M. Kept up nicely in his first real race and sprinted home with the winner. Drew a nice inside post, but is running into another serious horse in #6. Will chase again, hope to get lucky.
3 GALIXTON Captured his debut willingly. Ended up with a nice trip in start number two and wasn't quite keeping up late. But, that's okay. He still went a lot faster, and that improvement can continue. Will be part of this early.
4 PRECISION First starter this year here for Mr. Ducharme. He's got a homebred here, who certainly liked it up at home base, but made a mistake here. I expect Scotty Z to be a bit careful, but horse definitely has some ability.
5 COTTON TO YOU Hasn't quite gotten to where they want him yet. Have to pass, and consider a longshot.
6 KINGS COUNTY Prepped in very fine fashion, folks! Once at Vernon and then here. That was a strong-looking mile here, and Tetrick got along with him nicely. This son of Muscle Hill could be a very good one! We'll find out.
7 ESA Improved his speed in the second appearance, until he hit a wall late. The first go was a trip around the track. Drew real tough post here, so I don't know which way Jimmy will go. Possibly take him back, let him finish for confidence.
8 MISTER SERIOUS Purchased at the Indiana Hoosier sale for only $18K. Not bad! Note how both starts have been orchestrated from off the pace. Both were good finishes! That teaches them. Nice horse here for Erv and Marcus.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 RING WARRIOR Moves from post 10 to the pole, so that immediately improves his check chances. On some nights, he even gets closer than that. The price should be right, and he can be included on any gimmick tickets.
2 DRUNKEN DESIRE A Making second start for new barn? First one was a bad post, go around the track. It's a slight drop, so some improvement sure wouldn't shock me. 10YO isn't the most reliable horse yet, but looking for more. Trainer: Raced good my first start with him from the 9-hole and a month gap. Doing some equipment adjustments. Drew well. I expect him to be right there!
3 BUPA BRUSIER The Bupa is back! And he's back in the right spot! I've been waiting to take a shot with him when he found a field like this. Will meet a "live" Rocket tonight, but I think he might be better. I guess we'll find out.
4 ROCKET J I fully expected him to be "live" last week with the drop to this level and he sure was! Unfortunately, the bad post and hot early pace did not help. It could be a whole lot easier from this improved post. Battles with Bupa. Trainer: Looks like a good spot for him. I expect a top effort.
5 ROGER MACH EM If you don't like the two favorites for some reason, then this is a good option. Roger was rounding into form nicely until the Yonkers miscue. Note he's quickly back in here. Likes the big track. Perfect post too!
6 OSIRIS BLUE CHIP Still not going safely enough for my taste. I will pass again, as a big longshot.
7 OUTCRY Cant' really fault this guy right now. That's some solid, blazing speed he's been offering. Hot pace scenarios don't always help, but his trip to the lead could be a touch easier. It's also a move back to outer post, however.
8 MEDOLAND JATE Was entered in a pretty ambitious spot in that first go off the claim. Ended up scratching. He's in for a $10K tag now, which is more realistic. Tonight's problem is the post. IF he blasts, it will create a little mayhem.
9 LONE WOLF TERROR Looks like he was pretty well meant last time at Pocono and made a nice move before the mistake. That does worry me a little. This post worries me more. It's a long haul, just to get into the race out here.
10 BEACHES DE VIE Suffering a pretty rough case of the bad post blues. It continues here. In too tough.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 ATONEMENT Came up a little flat there in leg two last week, so that's a concern. Here's a rare opportunity to get a price on a Burke horse, but she will have to improve a lot to go with the favorites. At least she has the rail.
2 SARI BOUT IT Hasn't made any mistakes so far, so that's a good thing. Drew a good inside post again, and she did launch a move last week. Heading in the right direction, but probably not as advanced as the top ones just yet.
3 GOLDEN TRICKS She got a little bit better last week in round two. Nobody was catching #8 that night, but she trotted home willingly. In line for similar kind of trip and she could pick up a check again. That's a good thing!
4 STARITA I really don't know what to tell you, folks. World of ability here, but she's just not reliable enough yet. She will not be on my tickets, but I do recognize her talent. IF Dave can keep her trotting, she can threaten.
5 FRENCH CAFE Just exploded home with some super stretch trot last week for Andy. The Crush opts to drive his "other" filly in #9, so he gets some guy named Zeron to steer this one! Drew the better post. Might have better shot.
6 GIVEN Rebounded nicely in round two for Team Takter. Can't really question her speed, but possibly she doesn't finish as strong as a few others. Speed is a dangerous weapon, however! Should end up with a nice trip after blasting.
7 WHISPERING OAKS Note she opted to skip round two. That kind of worries me a little bit, but even I won't question her solid victory in the opening leg. It was multiple move effort, and note that #5 came back off that and romped.
8 MOTHER BONNIE Where on earth did her mile come from? Wow! It's not easy to go from 2:03, to 57, to 55! That's impressive! She did set nicely rated pace. Moves to much tougher post here. This will be MUCH bigger test.
9 SPECIAL HONOR I really like BOTH of the Miller fillies, but I do wish she'd drawn a better post. I see a lot of things getting in her way from this slot and it might be too much. The Orange Crush will need to work out a trip.
10 DEVILISH DELIGHT Also crushed by the post here. I don't see any way she can overcome it. Good luck!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 COMMENTARIAT Looks like he was well-meant last time at Philly and couldn't hold up on the fast pace. He's had more than a few good starts here, and a touch of additional class relief. Expect a good battle with Griffon tonight.
2 SO TAKE THAT Gave Ms. Goldin her first career training win. Nice mile too! DM geared the gelding up and he just kept going. But, that did come against a weaker group, and many in here are dropping. This guy is hiking up.
3 GRIFFON HANOVER Got stuck in a bad spot last week, but it was one of those cases where everybody saw it. So, don't expect much of a price tonight! Excuse horses are often overbet. He can still win, but at underlay odds.
4 SPICEBOMB Seemed like the whole world knew that Spice was going to win two weeks ago. Okay! He got the job done. Now, he begins the ascent back UP the class ladder. He's sharp, but runs into two good ones in #1,3. Usable.
5 URBANITE HANOVER Not really sure what's going on here. It looks like he's just tailed off. I have to pass for now.
6 HOPE FOR BADLANDS In for the tag again, since he doesn't fit the condition. Exits an even kind of effort, won from off the pace by Bettors Glass. This guy had mild pace. He's usable from this spot, but not a lock to hit the ticket.
7 MAAJAACKKOBE That was real wakeup kind of speed shown last week. Caught my eye, especially at odds of 66-1. It was good, speed tightener, and now he gets a class drop. Had he drawn better post, I'd like a lot more. Trainer: Scoped sick on me two starts back. Raced good last week. Drops in class this week and looking for a good effort from him.
8 SAWBUCK HANOVER Been working his way down the class ladder at home base, but still hasn't found the right spot. I can't really tell you this is the right spot in terrible post. He'd have to get very lucky from way out here.
10 SPORTSMANSHIP Where's he going from post 10? Probably not very far. In a field full of class droppers, he's another, but seems hopeless buried by this starting slot. Demand big price if you fancy his chances.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 NO DRAMA PLEASE Unleashed a MUCH improved effort last week in round two, folks. Note he draws the rail here, right next to the favorite. Plots for another good journey and certainly can pick up a share with any good finish.
2 GREENSHOE Yes, we all saw that incredible comeback two weeks ago. Note he opted to "skip" the second leg. Why? I certainly recognize the talent level here, but he's not invincible with those antics. Let's see if Brian can keep him trotting.
3 SHEENA'S BOY That was nice speed he offered for Andy there in leg two, but then made a break. Must pass off that.
4 TRIX AND STONES Was deceptively super in round one, and then miscued in leg two. Why? I almost feel bad for everybody that sent him off at even money that night. Oh well. I guarantee better odds if you want to try again.
5 BATTENBERG I'm still not sure if he was getting tired last week, or just shutting down on the big lead. Regardless, we saw the "real" Battenberg step up. With a ton of speed! He's ideally situated in post midpack. Wil it be speed, or rally?
6 LUCIUS VORENUS He's turned into a pretty nice trotter too! Showed some heart to dig in and fend off the well-meant #7 last week. Corey gets the drive now, with Dave on #5. Could easily be part of this with that speed again.
7 SOUL STRONG If you use the theory that he "needed" that race last week, then watch out! Svanstedt was careful and conservative with him then, but might not be now! I wouldn't be shocked to see much more speed. Upset applecart?
8 HUDSON RIVER Captured round one confidently and then skipped leg two. Okay. Was obviously flattered when #5 came back so impressively. Tonight's problem is the post and there could be a lot of speed to his left. Interesting....
9 GERRIS TRIX Not bad last week, with the hopples on. It was certainly a better, bounce back kind of mile. Horse will probably get more out of racing from behind in long run. Likely has to race that way tonight, from this post.
10 MEMO Looks like the longshot, having drawn the worst post. He's no match for these anyway.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 SILVERMASS VOLO Rounded into form nicely for just his fourth start of the year. However, this assignment looks a whole LOT tougher than that one. I can see the pedigree, but I guess I'd be surprised if he beat this group.
2 THE LAST CHAPTER Also looking like a longshot with these right now. Finally moves back inside, but I can't rate him a true " Preferred" horse at moment. He'll have to prove that.
3 DOUBLE L LINDY Added Lasix last time and turned in a bit of a clunker. That came after a three-week gap. And now he's got a two-week gap. Perhaps not at his best right now? I'll go with that and let him beat me, if he can.
4 DUNBAR HALL Flattened out after being forced wide in the Graduate final. Very unlike the potent rallies we'd seen in May and early June. So, it does make me wonder if he's at the top of his game? Legitimate question. Let's see tonight.
5 SUTTON Doing decent work in that series out in PA. Handles both tracks, and has handled Club Med just as well. Will be looking to get the jump on Pinkman, and has a stablemate to help the process. Could be steal this one? Maybe.
6 MURMUR HANOVER Been plying his trade of late down at home base in Delaware. He's pretty good too! And, he's won here before, but perhaps not at this level. Won't be stealing any soft fractions vs. group like this. Lot to prove.
7 OBRIGADO Former Dan Patch champ is back! Let's just forget about his less-than-successful campaign last year. Brand new year now! Had three qualifiers to get ready and usually fires fresh. Let's see how ready he is. Trainer: Has had a great rehab and three very good preps. We're really excited to have him back for 2018! He's an incredible competitor.
8 DW'S NY YANK It's always hard to leave this guy out, because he is capable, at times, of delivering a big mile. This post won't help matters, and I don't see him getting a smooth trip, no matter what. Very tough spot.
9 PINKMAN That was a fine try chasing Hannelore around the oval two weeks ago. He was vicious in the win before that. Simply put, he's come back better than ever. Only has to find a way to overcome the post for Andy Mac.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 SPEED TITAN Impressive both times! And she was used pretty hard in that last one, and simply sped away with plenty left in the tank. Gets a big move to inside post, so that gives Sears options. Should be great battle with Trixie!
2 MARVELOUSTRIX Actually getting a little bit faster each time, so that IS a good thing! Unfortunately, she's probably not ready to trot the kind of mile they're going to go here. Let's pass and see if improvement continues.
3 AMANDA BLUE CHIP Was okay that one morning at Gaitway, but regressed a little with the mistake up at Monti. Not every horse gets around the half mile track, so we can excuse that. Let's see if she bounces back on the mile tonight.
4 CHECK OUT TRIXIE Her mom was a great one! So was her dad! Look at the perfect way she's been "educated" up to this point by Ray. Now, he turns lines over to Tetrick. That means she is now ready for best! Watch out!
5 MANSIONONTHEHILL A little late to the party, but that happens. The one start was pretty good for John C's homebred. He's got a filly with some talent on his hands. The education will continue along the way.
6 SUSY We can all see the pedigree here! And she was quite good in the one and only start. Uncorked a good late surge to collar the second spot, well behind a very impressive foe. That's a great start to her career. More coming.
7 TRELANNY Doesn't seem to be quite up to the task of this just yet. And drew an outside post. Not my type.
8 TRIX ARE FOR KIDS Coming along nicely for Camp Cancelliere. That's good progression down at Philly. But, she does draw poorly here, and loses Tetrick. Might be good spot to give her another race from behind.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-8-7
H Horse Comment
1 HIGH INTO THE SKY Definitely progressed a little from debut to second start. That's good! Running into a few foes that appear more advanced, but in good hands, and I expect to see a bit more each time.
2 SUPER SCHISSEL I didn't really like the first start. I did like the follow-up, but I will also point out that bunch wasn't strong. Still, any step in the right direction is a good one. Will get a real good test from these tonight.
3 MANWILLING It's tough to get a real read on this guy so far. Haven't seen him yet, and he shows two straight breaks. That looks like a real tough trip last out, so I'll give him a pass for that. Tonight job: stay trotting!
4 BRADY BUNCH Nice colt here! Chased that impressive King's County two back willingly. Took matters into own hands last time and finished up solidly. I like that he has three starts, versus one or two for bottom horses. Has the edge.
5 STAR TRACK HANOVER After getting caught twice, they tried racing from behind in the first real race and that didn't work out. Not sure which it will be tonight, but I have to rate him a longshot.
6 WINNING HABIT Shows the typical progression for Team Kelley. I like that he rolled on the lead in the second start. He'll be ready to go even faster tonight and PK puts down MK as a very good sign. This colt could be any kind. Trainer: Has been very professional and classy since day one. He's another that I think will develop into a very nice colt.
7 SOVEREIGN DEO Also coming out of a very key baby race, behind Kings County. If that foe won tonight's third, add even more points. I'm guessing this was a buyback, since Deo Volente bred the colt. He'll get better...and faster!
8 ALTERNATIVE FACT Just a touch late to the party, because we all know that Ray's colts are usually ready right away. So, how do we interpret that one and only start? Horse trotted plenty. Will he go even faster tonight? Good question.
9 MONTEVIDEO Didn't beat much here last Saturday, and was urged to do so. Moves to much tougher post here, so I'll probably take a pass and watch one. To see if he gets any faster.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 MR PROTAB I must admit, I really liked his improved effort last week. Corey jumped on, sent the gelding out of there and they kept up behind well-meant winner. Now, from the rail, I expect the same thing. Will be part of this.
2 CLIFTON BEACH Tends to plod along and pick up minor spoils at times. Still a longshot to me. Needs a trip.
3 HALLANET Struggled to keep up when last seen here. Weakened again from bad post at Pocono. In too deep.
4 AVENTURE Driver change to Eric Ahere, and I've always liked this horse. He seems like a better bet to trot, than #8. But, #8 probably has more talent. It's your call, folks, on what price you will accept. I don't want too short.
5 FLEET BUMBLEBEE Here's another live option in here, IF you think he's going to stay trotting. He's faced far better than this in the past, so I will take a good, long look at him out on the track with The Mann! Possible price play.
6 MORE THAN TALK Sale bound on Sunday, so this is last chance to shine! I thought he was just okay last week, but from a much tougher post. This is about where he belongs, so don't be surprised if Yannick sends him a little.
7 WHATNBLAZES Usually has trouble when he gets stuck with an outer post like this. He will stay trotting, though, and he will pass a few that get tired. That sometimes gets him a check. Not bad.
8 MAJESTIC SUNSET Just like June 15th, he will win by a block, or make a break! Take your pick! I usually swing against him, especially when price is short. If he beats me, he beats me. So be it. Trainer: No place like home for this gelding! Loves the Med. Hall of Fame pilot. And in the right class.
9 JUSTICE JET Down from the Spa, and in apparent "need" of a bigger track after two straight breaks. I'll pass and watch one, just to see if he belongs here. Some of his races are competitive enough.
10 KING CAST Moves back to a dreaded post here. Yes, I can see the speed he's been offering and that's not bad. Didn't have quite the same finish behind Bucky, but that's okay. Up to VG to get him a trip somehow. Not easy.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 ROC ROYAL Wasn't a match for a few of these faster foes, but it was still step in the right direction. Gets a cozy inside post again and plots for an up-close kind of trip. Let's see if there's any kick in the tank this time. In the Sale Sunday!
2 TACTICAL LANDING That was SOME performance here last week! Certainly seems to have turned the corner for Takter. Once he "levels off" he can trot up a storm. I am anxious to see how Jimmy drives him tonight. Brushes? Trainer: I thought he went a heck of a race! High speed horse. Needs experience.
3 MADE IT HAPPEN At this stage, this is a real tough spot for the filly. She's not nearly fast enough to go with the favorites, so Ray will use this as a maintenance kind of race. Before her next stakes engagement.
4 BOXING GLOVES I really thought this gal was heading in the right direction, and now, I'm not so sure. Also stuck in an impossible spot here and looks like a big longshot again. In too tough.
5 EUROBOND Certainly "deserved" to win that last one, but it was a rightful take-down. This is talented colt too! But, maybe not as strong as #2. They will "hook up" at some point and the battle should be a good one. I like the test!
6 WITH ME ALWAYS Another one of the fillies in here. Hit the board in that Stallion Series, but she wasn't exactly trotting up a storm. Expect Matt K to be racing her from behind and she will need more kick here to get any closer.
7 VELVATTER Of the fillies in here, this one has the best chance. BUT, she comes off a mistake mile at Philly. Very quickly back on the big track, and Trond back in the seat. Towed along very nicely behind Chrome. That's the plan.
8 REGAL HILL Retains longshot status, having drawn a much tougher post tonight, off series of breaks.
9 WINBAK NOELLE I can't honestly like her chances from way out here either! Not a very quick starter and not a 100% reliable performer either. Her job is to just get around there tonight.
10 CALLADAY ROAD Just doesn't have the stamina to be a factor in here, not to mention post 10. A pass for me.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-8-11
H Horse Comment
1 SUPER S YZERMAN Not sure where all that betting action came from last time, but he was live! That's for sure. The Mann gave him every chance, but horse got tired. He'll need easier trip than that to be successful here. Has the rail.
2 WOODMERE ULTIMATE Unplayable in current form, and coming off a scratch. I would be shocked if he won.
3 NY WHITESOX If you just toss that first start off the claim due to the bad post, we could have a player here. Was no match for #8 when they squared off, but I do respect the speed. How far can he go in here? We'll find out.
4 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Liked him two back and he really had no excuse. Followed that up with a flat effort in the final. This is kind of a similar group, so he can be part of this, but I won't key near the top. Usable underneath only.
5 SOUTHWIND MASIMO Didn't really take any money when dropped to this level and delivered a flat kind of race. I can't predict a total turnaround, but that is what is needed. Midpack post to wait for the flow. Mixed sale bound Sun!
6 ROCKIN HANK Got bet off the board last week and got parked out. Don't hold that against the horse. Because he was MUCH better! I'm not saying I want 4-5 again, but I am saying he will be good, after that tightener. Must use!
7 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE He actually wasn't bad last time! Showed a touch of very rare speed and then finished up okay too! Like a few others in here, I would recommend using underneath, but perhaps not on top. Will offer nice price.
8 CROMBIE A Probably the key to this race! Why? Because he won't be taking back tonight, like post 10. I know the horse is a little "iffy" at the gate, but I still remember the win on June 23. That would crush these. Your call?
9 HAPPY ANDYVERSARY Sean Bier didn't get much love from the post gods this week! Another 9-hole. Tough spot.
10 DANISH DILIGENCE We all know he usually comes from last. I'm still in shock by the speed we saw two back. He tried hard that night. What's it going to be from post 10? Wish I knew the answer to that.
11 WHATA TWIST Here's another "fringe player." Andy's been putting him in play, but when you use him early, he lacks that kick at the end. Now, it's a second tier start. I've a feeling it's back to the closing move. Can pick off a few late.
12 BLUE STRIKE Can't really recommend him from this spot. Looks like a huge longshot.