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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, April 10, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN SHOWGIRL She was good again last week, scooting up the pylons for a solid placing at 42-1. I like the rail for her tonight, as Vinny just has to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. Could happen again.
2 ANNE BONNEY N Got a little freshening after a few starts early in the year. That worries me a little bit. Maybe she got sick? Back now, off a slow, but decent-looking qualifier. Is she primed and ready for this? Probably not.
3 ITS MESMERISE N We’ve watched her go around there quite a few times this year, but we might be able to make a case she’s tailing off a touch? It won’t be long until she can drop a notch in class, and then the wakeup call happens.
4 TEAM KIWI N The first of what should be MANY Canadian invaders to the east coast. Looks like Kelvin bought this one. She comes off a gutsy effort a few weeks ago. She seems to fit this class perfectly. Wouldn’t talk you off with DD.
5 WINDMEUPWATCHMEGO Also performing well of late, but she gets forced UP the class ladder tonight. She hasn’t been quite this high in a while, so she will have to prove it all over again. The right kind of trip in the flow would help.
6 STELLENBOSCH Burned a LOT of money over her past three starts, but she’s more than capable of getting it all back here. The slight drop is the key. Scotty Z will try to “steal” a softer pace, but it’s never that easy. Daylight helps speed.
7 PAPPY ROCKS Gave leading Ohio trainer Bill Rhoades his first Big M win, in his very first start here! So, congrats for that! The pricetag, and task go up significantly tonight, but it’s never easy to ignore that Tetrick guy, Got along w/her.
8 SHEIKH YABOOTY N Ordinarily, I’d like her in a spot like this on the drop. But, maybe not tonight? I know she’s capable of the blast-out leave, but she’ll have plenty of company if she tries. Could also set up mayhem?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 ISLAND OF THE SEA I feel bad for ya if you bet in his two comebackers at home base. Beaten favorite both times. But, let’s not forget this guy paced Hoosier in 48 and change last year! Has the talent! Might be lot stronger here.
2 ROCKIN THE ACES Hasn’t been getting lucky lately, but that can always change. Aces has been stuck in some real tough spots lately, so let’s not be too hard on him. This does look easier. I will toss him onto the ticket for sure.
3 BOURBONS COURAGE Somebody in here has to be the longshot. This is it. Overmatched with these?
4 BARRAGE HANOVER I really don’t know what to tell you about that last start. He kind of hit the cones, stayed in and wasn’t exactly loaded late. The race was over up front, so never really got geared up. Needs different trip now.
5 ROCKIN ROCKO I would classify his comebacker as a clunker. Had zero effort late and I just hate to see that. Yes, he might have needed it. Yes, he could bounce back better here. But, sometimes, I need to see it first. Barn has two!
6 WHAT YA THINKIN Invades from the Meadows and into a new barn. That’s been a good angle for the barn a few times this year. But, this is a very quick and talented bunch, so he will need absolute best to continue that roll.
7 ENVIRONS HANOVER Like #4, he comes off a bit of a regression. Barn gave him an extra week off. You can always excuse one bad start. He was just SO good before that. Can’t wait to see if he comes back with best. Expect it.
8 SEA OF LIFE Yes, he DID improve a little in the second start off the bench. That should continue! I wouldn’t be shocked if Tim T took a sent and sent out of there tonight. He won’t win it from last. Take a shot if price is right.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N I “flirted” with picking him last week on the drop. I guess I have to now, on a further drop! Tim T sticks around and this veteran has done this many times. Not sure what price will be, but I’m on board.
2 KERRIN JOSEPH A If anything, he should be sufficiently speed-tightened after last week. I was waiting for some sort of sign of life and that was it! This time, Simon did choose him, with Jeff D on barn’s other starter. Tests #1?
3 GOOD ROCKIN Just keeps burning money lately, with tough trip after tough trip. Yes, it’s getting old. So, if the odds are low again, let him beat you if he can. Maybe he will, but I don’t want underlay odds on him anymore.
4 HUDSEN A Qualifier just wasn’t great. His form earlier this year just wasn’t great. He’s not ready for this yet.
5 ALTA JEROME N Won that weak race here two back and followed up with a no-chance trip. I think I’ll keep him on the longshot list for now. I like the post, but he will need a much bigger kick to get any closer.
6 REGGIANO Exits the claimers here, on a slight drop in class. Not sure he’s as good as #1, but he could put a tussle into the race if he can get close enough. See how track is playing. Do closers have any chance?
7 FERDINAND A Has the benefit of that race under his belt. It wasn’t horrible. Barn has surprised us a few times with layoff horses like this. I’m going to watch one more, but know that it’s possible.
8 COOL BLUES MAN Wasn’t very sharp over at Yonkers and hasn’t been much good here yet. Have to pass again.
9 SEEUINNASHVILLE A He’s probably the key to the race. Or, at least the early pace battle. Since he’s dropping, I don’t see Scotty Z just grabbing up and taking back. Will go forward, and hasn’t been this low in a long time. Must use.
10 FABRICE HANOVER I didn’t think he was all that great in the qualifier. Same thing in first start back. Now, it’s post 10. I guess he’s just going to need some more work.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 COVERED BRIDGE Had a very good qualifier, and then a useful trip from the back to get ready for this. Actually gets to drop a notch off the third and will be very tough in here on rail. No doubt the one to beat. Maybe some value?
2 MISTER DONALD A Took a little more betting action last week, in second start locally. Didn’t race all that much better, though. I’m sure connections were hoping for slightly lesser bunch at this level. This is salty group!
3 STONEDUST Now that the Dust finally snapped that skid a few back, let’s see how long until he wins again. Simon likely to go back to the aggressive, speed route. But, I don’t think he can beat #1. We will find out.
4 LIKE CLOCKWORK Looks to me like they “got it all” with that down-the-road demolishment from post eight last week. Congrats on that! This will not go so easily. Yes, he has back class to handle hike back up. Use underneath?
5 CLIFFHANGER Loved him when he won. Then got forced up too high. This is somewhat back to reality, but no easy task. Georgie knows him now, so I do wonder what the plan will be? Would love to see that speed again.
6 JESSE DUKE N Ended up the favorite again last week and still couldn’t get it done. Sense a theme here? I do. Not sure if he’ll be favored over #1, but I prefer the Bridge. If Jesse beats me, so be it. Outer post won’t help the cause.
7 HEZA REAL DIAMOND He’s the wild card in any race he’s in. That blazing speed can be used at any point. I guess I Just don’t see Joe B taking up tonight. He will go forward and see what happens.
8 GENERAL JOY A That was some big upset two weeks ago for Dexter. Loses that pilot tonight, as expected on the class hike. The switch to outside post is a killer too! He is a very unlikely repeater.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 SLY ELEANOR N Finds her way back south, and back into the Daley barn. Seemed like she was going well until that last one. This is a pretty steep level for her to start back in. I will pass for now and wait for softer spot later on.
2 WINGDING HANOVER I thought she was way overbet last week, especially from that post. It did not work out, as speed was doing well that night. This is different, but also a hike up the ladder. This race has serious pace potential.
3 ROSE RUN VANTAGE Just to keep us on our toes, the Crew can have one ready off the layoff! Rose was! And paid a nice price too! She will have to be even better tonight, without Yannick to repeat, but you never know around here.
4 JUXTA COWGIRL Took her speed and pony show over to Pocono and turned in two strong efforts. But, now it’s back to the wolves here, and WAY up in class. I don’t think she’s as good as these. Will have to prove it to me first.
5 BETALADY Endured a pretty rough trip two weeks ago before packing it in and making a nasty break. Glad to see her get the extra week off. This is perfect post for her and I imagine Corey will be patient tonight. Just let her finish again.
6 APRIL AVA Certainly proved the comeback win was no fluke! She popped right by Marloe Hanover in that very good follow-up. Also got a deserved week off. Back in a spot where she will need a little more early speed. Very capable.
7 IDEATION HANOVER The third Cullipher Crew entrant had just enough sneaky late pace to catch my eye last week. But I was hoping for a class drop, NOT a hike up. This spot may be a bit too steep. I’m patient, and willing to wait.
8 SWEETER LULU She’s still very good right now! No arguing that. Gets her toughest post in a while, so that will test her speed. Then she needs a bit more come crunch time to stick around. Mark Mac will hope for a trip.
9 SWEET LUCY LOU What do we do with Lucy Lou tonight? I really have no idea! She will get away last in here. I don’t know what’s going to happen up front. I know she can fly, but we haven’t seen a repeat of 3/12 yet. Very tough call.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 MORAIRTIME I never know what to do when Jack and Carol ship this mare up the Turnpike. She’s dazzled us. And, she’s disappointed us. Will be looking to protect the inside and then stalk, most likely. Could work for a share.
2 DOUBLE ACCOUNT For a long time, he looked like a repeater last week! Then, it took monster rush from Wutever to sweep by him. Still, he’s good right now! But, likely totally different journey coming vs. these. Are they too tough?
3 PIKACHU HANOVER I guess we have to be brave and just put a pencil through that last one. Was super sharp again prior to that. Tactics play a key role in here. From this post. T Mac just might wait it out and grind. Very interesting.
4 NOWS THE MOMENT I’m sure that wasn’t the trip Mark Mac had planned on this guy last week. But, horse dug in and kept on coming. He needed that. He will be a bit stronger tonight. But, will it be enough to test out Cruze?
5 BUCK DANCER The Buck is back! And he did awfully well up there. I watched a few of those, and he was just impossible to fend off. You know the strategy, but will it be enough to get by Cruze? That is the question.
6 SCIROCCO ROB Rob might be the key to the early part of the race. Tim has actually won three straight with him, albeit one DQ. And, he did it with varying styles. Clearly outhoofed Cruze two weeks ago. Will he send? Wish I knew.
7 JL CRUZE Eric Ell gives the Cruze a few weeks off every now and then. And rightfully so! Got stung pretty good in 27 flat off that break down at home base. He handles things better here. I still make him the one to beat with Dex back on.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 BECHERS BROOK A Gotta give credit to Mike Bozich! He loved this one last week and he was right! Like a few others in here, they’re taking a BIG hike up. One of them could get lucky, but I already missed the boat on Becher. Pass.
2 ITALIAN DELIGHT N Simply put, Toddy stole one with this guy two weeks ago. A very well-rated drive, and dig-in by the horse too! He has the back class to handle this. Todd had tough choice in here. Took Delight over #4,6. Interesting.
3 BILLY BADGER N Scooted down to Philly and had a nice, easy time on the lead for Dexter. Finds his way back at Club Med now, and in a much tougher spot. I don’t think he’ll be 3-2 in here. Can he step up with more? Will need to.
4 FRANCO TOTEM N Put it all together again last week to land back in the Big M winner’s circle. And that was a very nice steer too! He also has plenty of back class to handle a hike like this. Would be very hard to leave out now.
5 U S CAPTAIN He’s actually raced well in every start back. Wasn’t going to beat Stride last week, but finished up nicely again. That’s his game! The good finish! This post is perfect. Tim can do whatever he wants. Let’s hope for decent price.
6 PADUKA N Made that move a little too early last week and he curled up a bit late. It happens. Moves out a few slots now and loses his regular driver. He can blast, and this might be the right spot for that. Gun, then stalk. He likes that.
7 HARAMBE DEO I guess he was just a wee bit short in his comebacker? No worries. It’s a long season ahead. We know he loves it here too! Moves to an outer post tonight, so that makes A Mac’s job a bit tougher. Fires out?
8 HUNDIE N Takes a rare trip over here, back from Yonkers. And he couldn’t have found a tougher spot. Pass.
9 THATSWHATISAID N Can’t really say I like this spot for him from the outside post. He did blast last week, and got a check, but that would be best case scenario again. A longshot.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES Put it all together very nicely for Camp Cullipher! And Simon drove perfect, with the well-timed brush and crush. Winnerup never even got close. So, the rematch is on, plus a few new shooters. Good race!
2 REIGN OF HONOR Very impressive a couple of weeks ago, and he still seems to be maturing now at age five. Could turn out to be a VERY good older trotter. We’ll find out soon enough. This is good spot to test him. Good field.
3 EMMA TOWN BUD Figured to need one here, just to acclimate. And he did finish up nicely. So, that’s exactly what they were looking for. This is by no means a cakewalk, but I like what I’ve seen so far. Will have to grind into it.
4 CUPID HANOVER He looks pretty good too! But, Timmy had the option and ended up choosing #2. Maybe that’s all we need to know? To me, this is a pretty big step up in class. Will have to prove himself here and I need to see it first.
5 WINNERUP Can’t really fault him for last week’s effort. #1 simply rated and stole away with plenty left. But, for Winner, that’s two straight good starts in a row. Whatever was wrong seems to be over. He’s back to best form.
6 HL REVADON Rev got a few weeks off after weakening on the lead that night. Oh well! He may have needed that race after being sick? Overall, not sure where he’s at, especially from the same outer post. Very tough call tonight.
7 PATRIARCH HANOVER Enters again off two straight stretch backups. That’s not good. Racing from behind now?
8 KENZIESKY HANOVER Her stock has fallen several points over the last month too! I don’t know what to expect from another outer post, in race full of speed types. Plus, I don’t know if she’s good at moment. Your call, folks?
9 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES Wow is he good right now! Gotta give credit where due, but Mr. Bucci finally has himself a real racehorse on his hands. Georgie a nice fit too! How will they overcome this post? That’s a good question.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS AND AGAIN Yes, speed was pretty good last Saturday, but this horse is sharp as a tack right now! Dylan D has him going in right direction and that speed has become intimidating. He might be able to control this one again.
2 TEAM BEST Seems like every week, Kevin L is bringing a new one up the road. Must be plenty of room on that truck! Frank Chick has been his main client for a long time. Best will have to prove himself here, but maybe he can. Tuf spot.
3 MY PAL JOE Looks like Joe had a little trouble negotiating the series at Yonkers. No worries! He still picked up checks and didn’t make any mistakes. I like that. We know how much he loves Club Med. Back in right spot for Alek.
4 LEVINE Proved his Pocono win was no fluke, by coming right back here and racing very well! I wondered if he could handle this bunch and he did. I suppose he might as well fire out again, then hope to stalk #1. That could work out well
5 POSEIDON SEELSTER Here’s a fresh face to the group and boy did he find himself a tough spot for Big M debut. Looks like the freshening did him some good up there. I’m anxious to see where he fits here. Owns good speed too!
6 NICHOLAS BEACH I don’t think we know how good this guy is yet. That was a standout mile at Pocono and Team B sees fit to not waste time and just bring him here. He will be tested by #1, but maybe he’s up to the task? Good race!
7 SEEYOU AT THEBEACH Of the Burke pair, YG chose here, as expected. Imagine you got 41-1 on a Burke horse last week, and he came storming home behind Becher. Different class level here. Hoping for a hot pace setup again.
8 MCMIKE Simply put, he needs an easier spot than this. These are too tough for him, plus outside post. Pass.
9 STONE HANOVER And what do we do with Stone tonight? This is a VERY good horse that was steamrolling last week in just first start back here. I put a big circle around him, but I HATE this post. They’re not going to rush him.
10 SUNDOWN KID Kind of weird to see him go all the way up to Canada for a conditioned race, and then quickly ship back. Tough decisions have to be made by the northern horsemen. I don’t envy them. The Kid got post 10. Let’s wait.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 BLOOD LINE Tim T was listed on this one, and #2 and he opted for the Ladys Man. That’s a bit of a shocker, but oh well. Maybe he knows something we don’t. Enters off two good tries in PA. This IS the right spot for him here. GB on.
2 IMA REAL LADYS MAN Right now, the Ladys Man just isn’t as sharp as he was a while back. So, I’m confused by Tim’s choice. Other than he wants to race for the Cullipher Crew? That would make sense. This one needs big wakeup.
3 DUDDIE’S LOR It was nice to see Duddie back in the Big M winner’s circle. Then he looked a bit overmatched in spot last week where he scratched. A Mac again opted off, so Austin S will come up to drive the family horse. Good luck!
4 UNLOADED N A Mac staying a little loyal here. No problem with that. On his best night, WHEN he behaves, he can probably go with these. It is a step up, but he does pack a good turn of foot. Timing and trip are critical.
5 LIFEONTHEBEACH A Some of the Burke layoff horses have been ready. Some have not. I’m opting to the latter in this particular situation. Will be watching closely, for future evaluation.
6 DECISION DAY Admittedly, he hasn’t had a whole lot of luck this year. He got bet off the board two weeks ago, and ran into a buzzsaw. This is the kind of field he might be able to beat. Provided he’s primed and ready for top effort.
7 OHIO VINTAGE I guess he’s got a chance in here too! It’s a wide-open race, with several question marks. His form lately is pretty good, but also at a lower level. I’m not in love with this post. Very mixed feelings on Ohio tonight.
8 FOREVERNALWAYS I guess I didn’t get the memo on the drop-and-pop last week, but many of you did. He dominated! Prior to that, at THIS class level, from a similar post, he was 49-1 and made no moves. Handicapping is tough sometimes.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 BEYOND ORDINARY Looked awfully good coasting around the track for the Captain last week. So, that’s two good starts in a row, but at the lower level. This is the logical step up. Let’s see if he can handle it. Dangerous shipper in #6.
2 ST JAMES GATE I’m still very much on the fence with this guy. This looks like a prime opportunity to step up and deliver a quality effort again. He gets a good post. He gets Yannick back. No excuses, please. Must step up.
3 RESITA He’s just not good right now, so he’s a continued pass until he drops, or shows a lot more punch.
4 IT AINT THE WHISKY Did manage to get one check after two straight 10-holes. That ain’t fair! Overall, his form is hard to fathom right now, so demand a very fair price if you think this is the spot. I do not.
5 INNISFALLEN Since that put-over win a while back, the wheels have fallen off. Now, he’s even making breaks. Pass.
6 NOTHING BUT MUSCLE Overall, his form up north looks a lot better than most of these here. So, I’m sure Carm A will look at the program and know he got lucky here. I hope he’s got the Muscle ready, because he can win this.
7 B YOYO To me, he looked just a wee bit short in that qualifier. Sometimes, it takes an 11YO more than one to get really tight and ready. I will gamble and go with that, preferring #6 for tonight. Let’s see if it comes back to bite me.
8 OMAHA OMAHA Overall, he’s pretty good right now. I guess the hopples on is working? Tonight’s problem is back to the outside post. But, there isn’t a ton of speed in here, so Mark Mac may take shot and send again. I would.
9 INXS Liked him last week, and that was a bad price, AND a no-chance trip. Moves all the way out to the nine-box now and that creates more problems. Loses Yannick, so I guess I have more negatives than positives.
10 ZLATAN He’s not ready for this either, so he looks like an easy pass from the dreaded post 10. Not yet.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 J M MANDAMIN Team B got all the love from the post gods in this one! Joe chose to drive #2, so Yannick hops aboard Mandamin. They both pack pretty good speed. Let’s see how they opt to play it, vs. stone closing favorite.
2 VETTEL N Really liked his qualifier, but do you really think he’s ready to stave off the likes of the favorites? I know they will give it a go, but I’d be surprised if they pull the upset. This is very nice horse, though.
3 CHASER HANOVER Super sharp right now! And a tough beat if you backed him again last week. But, this is the very top level now and very few can pass a test like this. He’s got to prove it to me first. Mark must put a good trip on him.
4 ANA AFREET N I guess Ana just did not care for Yonkers, and he burned a lot of money along the way. Maybe, just maybe you can get some of it back here? Loves the Med! He can use speed if TT wants. Needs separation on Stride.
5 DEALER’S TABLE No, I didn’t see that coming last week, but congrats if you did! It was a BIG night for the Cullipher Crew, but I’m sure they don’t rate Dealer in the same league as Ana. Just me thinking out loud. Repeat unlikely.
6 YACHT SEELSTER Continues to impress me. A Mac has steered to three on-the-board efforts. Made Stride work a little last week. Tactics and strategy will be very interesting this time. How do you hold off a monster?
7 COLOSSAL STRIDE A In case you had any doubts, he proved he can use speed too! Dexter said after, that horse got a little wound up early, so he moved him. That was good, long brush too! He’s just so good right now.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Fresh claim here. Gets to exit the claimers for this conditioned spot and it looks like a good one. New barn got Dexter to stay aboard. The pole should help. Plots for a very nice trip and could get lucky. Trainer: Glad to have him back in the barn. If Dexter puts him in the right position, I don’t see why we can’t win this race.
2 LOVE THE BLUES N Found the hike up to this level a bit too much, but in all fairness, he ran into a well-meant daylight buzzsaw! So, we can give him a pass for that. Also drew well. Likes to stalk. One big move might do it.
3 GO WEST GO FAST Bouncing up and down the class ladder lately. But, this is probably his level. Simon seems to get along with him. Timing and trip are always critical with this guy. Will come grinding, but needs to make it easier.
4 THE CANDYMAN CAN Moves into the younger Sodano barn tonight. I’ve been critical and skeptical of this gelding before, so will be watching and taking a long look out on the track. Then I will decide what to do. Trainer: I like this horse a lot, but he’s certainly been amiss recently. Trying some new rigging and shoeing adjustments to see if we can spark the big guy up! Week off was needed. We will see.
5 QUALITY BUD The Bud returned home to NJ and rolled right down the road like a good thing! He did catch the right bunch to do it, but I liked what I saw. Cano had him ready and might do it again. Will Bud and Bay hook up early?
6 TUXEDO BAY Liked him when he won two weeks ago, but that was with Dube driving. Mark Silva didn’t even bother listing him tonight, he just put himself down. That’s interesting. How should we interpret that?
7 STATEMENT MADE A Yes, that was a little bit of improvement last week. But is it enough to get him even closer? I’m not in love with this post. Will need a few things to go his way and A Mac did opt off. Mixed signals.
8 ROCKNROLL CHARM Earned a check at long odds in two of his last three. Not bad. Gets stuck with same tough post, though. He doesn’t leave, so totally at mercy of pace and trip. It doesn’t always work out.
9 REGAL SON 10YO warhorse made the long trip down from Canada and didn’t get much love from the post gods. He can leave the gate, however, and you see who got the drive. Maybe they take a shot and send? That’s a guess.
10 GRIFFON HANOVER I really do believe that Griff won on heart and class alone last week. He didn’t get the best trip, but gutted it out. Love to see things like that. Unfortunately, he’s not exactly “rewarded” with hike up, or bad post.