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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, January 18, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 ROCCO Finally gets a decent post, so that immediately raises his profile in a race like this. He’s proven okay on the mile track and the price should be right. Only needs that smooth journey from the pole to have an upset chance.
2 WALKS OF LIFE He’s made money for every barn he’s been in! Owns that intimidating speed, from a better inside post. Figures to hook up with the Kid at some point. But, no doubt, this is the horse to beat tonight!
3 R M BLACKHAWK He doesn’t win too often, so that’s an issue in a race with some horses that DO like to win. Back from Freehold, where he took the eight-hole tour of the track. Don’t let that bother you. Needs that speed.
4 VILLAGE JACKSON In a race full of speedball types, maybe we should think about using a closer? That would be this horse! I like the post, and potential for hot pace Don’t be shocked if he come charging late. Not out of it.
5 KID PK We welcome Montrell tonight for a Big M appearance, and In The Sulky guest! Horse appeared rock solid for a while, until something went wrong last out. In new barn now. If he’s ready, he can give #2 all he can handle.
6 SWEET COLT OF MINE Seems to have rounded into some better form now. Gets a post outside the main players, so he’ll be looking to rally from just off the pace. It’s all about trip and the outer tier. If it’s live, that helps the cause.
7 ALWAYS B MAGIC Enters off two straight tough trips, and I don’t really see this one being any easier. Failed to win a race all of last year, so that’s a problem. Would need to get very lucky from out here. Demand big price, if you like.
8 BIG CC’S ROCK Another moving into a new barn. I’d have a tough time expecting a complete turnaround, but that’s what the horse needs. The bad post further hinders matters. Need to see improvement first.
9 T’S ELECTRIC Gets first bad post in a while, so that will test Yogi here. Last time horse left the gate, he got a little tired near the end. I don’t see him as a huge threat to the faves, but you never know.
10 LUCK N ROLL K Where’s he going from post 10? Probably not very far.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 PRESIDENTE ZETTE Worked his way all the way to the top class right now. Not bad! But, I do believe he’s a hair overmatched with these. At least he’ll start from the rail to stick close to the pack.
2 MAX Hasn’t had much luck here yet at Club Med, so that worries me. I have to think he’ll need some class relief before he wakes up. I will wait.
3 WINNING LYRIC Montrell picked up a bunch of drives tonight, including this gelding. That was a nice, charge-home win last time, but against a vastly weaker bunch. Would need even more to threaten the top ones in here.
4 MISSLAROSE Earned her month off, after a real good roll here in Nov/Dec. So, will she need this on the comeback trail? Yes! Drew will probably send her, but then be quick to yield. I’ll be watching closely, for future evaluation.
5 JL CRUZE Boy, did he race good last week! Was used pretty hard to get to the lead, but then just scooted off, flaunting his back class. On paper, against some layoff horses, he looks hard to beat. No price, though!
6 MUSCLE DIAMOND We all know the Diamond is a confirmed Big M lover! And, his last qualifier was pretty good. But, he almost surely has to “need” this race, and it doesn’t help that he’s running into a very sharp foe. Tough spot.
7 RUBBER DUCK The Duck gives the barn a pair in here. The Duck has had some good moments here too! But, then again, he races well anywhere he goes. Could be a real key to the pace scenario in here. Will both Bongiorno horses blast?
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 CHANGE STRIDE N Couldn’t catch a very well-meant winner in #4 last week, but he did finish strongly and the posts line up almost exactly the same. The key is #3. If he guns, what will Dex do from the rail? He’ll want to protect.
2 RON’S EOM Ron has raced pretty well here so far. Got out into the flow last week and charged home willingly. This field may be a tad tougher than that one, however. In line for good stalking spot, but needs very best late.
3 DECOY I’ve guessed right on this guy a few times before. Now racing for the new barn and he probably needed that last race. This is a drop, so that helps too! I certainly wouldn’t talk you off him, but we also need to see his best.
4 JK WILL POWER Ended up paying a decent price last week, with a nice, easy cruise on the front end. There could be a little more “pace pressure” tonight, but this is classy veteran that can probably handle it. Hard to leave out.
5 BARIMAH A Ordinarily, this would be ideal spot to try this fella. But tonight, I don’t know. I can see the class drops, but he really hasn’t had ANY pace lately. A total turnaround is hard to predict. We all have to guess.
6 HAPPY TRIO He, and #7 and headed to the mixed sale on Monday, so last chance tonight. They both drew outside the main contenders, and they both coming off clunkers. This guy can leave, IF pilot wants. Interesting spot.
7 WILD GOOSE CHASE The Goose is usually a one-way closer, so I think he’s up against it tonight. Hoping that things get a little “western” with the faves. IF that happens, it sets up his wicked kick. A lot to ask, but maybe.
8 KING HARVEST He’s in for the tag here and perhaps overmatched. I’ll be going against in second straight bad post.
9 BIG STRETCH MARK You just never know what Eric is going to do in a spot like this. Obviously, Stretch can blast with the best of them, AND he usually takes a shot when lowered in class. And yes, I see who he was in against last week.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 PARKLANE JET Another pickup for Montrell here, with Corey opting to #8 as expected. The gelding finally gets a decent post, so that should help. In line for a nice, sit-in, save ground, get lucky trip. I can see it.
2 JOHNNY Q I haven’t guessed right on Johnny in a long time! He hasn’t exactly been getting smooth trips lately, and one night soon, he will wake up and surprise us. I will probably guess wrong on that night anyway.
3 CAPTAIN DOLMIO N Hasn’t had much luck here yet, even with that nose loss upon arrival. Had zero chance to catch JK last time. This race has a different pace scenario, in my opinion. The right trip could get him close again.
4 NERVE OF STEEL N A 10-time winner last year, but none of them here. Didn’t show much here, and then went a little more forward at Freehold. I do see who’s taking the drive tonight, so what will the price be? If real low, I’m against.
5 BRING THE THUNDER Some Burke Brigade horses in tonight are in the sale on Monday, This isn’t one of them. I can see the class drop here, and ideal midpack post. We might have to take an extra look here. Possible wakeup?
6 HEAVENLY SOUND Speaking of no luck, this guy is the King! Between bad posts, tough trips, and difficult spots, he leads the league. Long overdue to have something go right. Drew knows him now. Maybe it’s his turn for bit o luck!
7 MR CARROTTS I have no idea why he ended up favored in that last try and you see how that worked out. This spot looks even tougher, so I’ll be against him, as usual.
8 MORE THE BETTER N Have to think DD has found the perfect spot for this invader. You can see the back class, with earnings over $650K. This is the kind of field he should probably just crush. Expect a full send from the Captain.
9 UNCLE REIMUS That was actually a pretty good try last week, into uncatchable winner. He’s not exactly rewarded with this post draw. But, I am impressed with him here so far. Hoping for better spot next time.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 SO MUCH BETTOR Ends up in a much tougher spot this week. Full credit for racing well in both tries, but he’s not going to be a match for the likes of Duddie and Western. Hits the pylons now and tries to keep up late.
2 JK CAPTAIN JACK Completely inconsistent performer of late, so I have no idea what to expect on any given night. Made that surprising miscue attacking Duddie last time. Will need an easier journey, and no mistakes, please.
3 BETTER BE GOUDA Keeping him on the longshot list for now. He’s picked up checks against a few of these, so that’s good. That’s the goal again. To get a trip and try to pick up some pieces late.
4 A MAJOR OMEN I have no idea what’s gotten into this horse over past two starts, but wow! He beat a VERY good horse last week, coming back at the end to win. A real eye-catcher! Is he really that good? Maybe he can beat #9?
5 WESTERN EXPOSURE Won the first war with Duddie. Lost the second, by an eyelash. Here’s the rubber match! Plus, he’s going to the sale on Monday. Will no doubt use his speed and we’ll see who’s best. Very tough to leave out.
6 IN ROCK WE TRUST Didn’t really belong in that last race and he actually picked up a check! That’s good. This is back to the level where he belongs, but it’s no easy task either. Would love that same trip in a live outer tier. Maybe.
7 THE FIRST STEP Invader from Canada and a fresh race in the Burke Brigade. I love that part. What I don’t love is the missed time since last race. He can’t possibly be ready for this. And he’s facing two gorillas in #5,9. Let’s watch one.
8 THISISHOWWEDOIT Stopped to a crawl after being used too hard in Big M debut. Let’s roll from behind this week.
9 DUDDIE’S LOR This guy just keeps getting better! Deserved a week off, after the dominating win. Yes, he gets tested from another bad post, but he’s overcome them before. Absolutely the one to beat, but at what price?
10 STENDAHL HANOVER He’s going to need this too! From dreaded post 10. Watch closely for future evaluation.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 EFFRONTE A What an absolute monster this is! He looked like McWicked charging home in final yards last week. The sky is the limit for this Down Under Wonder, and I’m not even swayed that Dexter chose #7. Right back for Tyler now.
2 EDDARD HANOVER Went a huge race last week, barely out-nosed by #4. They were both great, but now they both face some killers. I give full credit and respect, but I don’t think he’s as good as #1. Will have to prove me wrong.
3 MCTHRILLER Speaking of monster miles, how bout the Thrill last week? It was a lifetime best. He looked like he had more in the tank. BUT, isn’t this hike just a tad too much? Corey stuck with #8. A very telling choice.
4 HARAMBE DEO This horse makes you nervous, watching the race! It seems like it takes the length of the stretch for him to get by. Needed everything he had to get past stubborn #2. Now in against monsters. How good is he?
5 LARRY KARR Hard to believe I have to make Larry 12-1 in a race here, but somebody has to be a longshot. In reality, Larry has been racing pretty well down south. In retrospect, they probably should have stayed there. This is vicious field.
6 ODDS ON LAUDERDALE Has uncorked two straight super rallies, so full credit for that. But, he’s also forced UP the ladder quite substantially here. Would need a dream trip, and somebody to soften up the faves. Your call?
7 FRANCO TOTEM N This guy has been dazzling over the past few months too! I do feel Dexter is just being a little loyal to Nifty, opting over #1. Ok. I get it. But, there’s no way I’m betting against #1. Franco picks up the pieces.
8 ENDEAVOR I really wasn’t a believe in this fella two weeks ago, and he proved me absolutely wrong. Easy drive for Jimmy that night and the horse stepped up big. Now, it’s the outside post vs. killers. At least Corey chose him now.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 JK WILDFIRE Was a very “unlucky” horse last week, collared late by a sharp foe. It was a good effort, though and he’s got a chance again. The pole post is key and Montrell will keep him in play. Tougher bunch, but still usable.
2 DA MAGICIAN MIA for several weeks, so that’s a big concern. This might even be a little too tough anyway. Pass.
3 BELL I NO Was also very “unlucky” last week, because he went a huge race and still got nailed by a monster! That foe isn’t in here, but he’s catching several other “droppers.” Won’t be easy, but he’s definitely the one to beat tonight.
4 FRANCO TRISTAN N Had two VERY good qualifiers here. When you’re finishing with the likes of Backstreet Shadow, that’s ok! Horse showed that he liked to win down under. Can he catch #3? That is the question.
5 WHEELS ON FIRE The stock price on Wheels has fallen a few points lately. But, nothing like a class drop to possibly wake back up. Yes, he will have to deal with Bell, who might be a little sharper now. It’s a tough call. I prefer Bell now.
6 ATTA BOY DAN Another case of a horse with zero luck here in East Rutherford. Corey did all the dirty work last week, setting things up for that monster. Give Dan credit! He didn’t exactly stop. Maybe it’s his turn to get the right trip.
7 ALOTBETTOR N Back off the layoff here, and he couldn’t have found a tougher field for this level. I guess we’re going to have to watch one.
8 RISK N He had his race over the track. And, ordinarily this would be kind of spot I’d like. But, not tonight. Suffering case of the bad post blues.
9 KEEP ON ROCKING A I really liked this guy last week and that was a weird trip, including a blindswitch. Gets slammed with another impossible post, in pace scenario that may not set up. It’s risky, but I’m taking pass tonight.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N He was right there in that mad scramble finish last week. Was a good price too! Should offer similar value, IF you think he trips out from the pole. With power on outside, this race could have a lot of movement.
2 ITALIAN DELIGHT N Really like the way this guy powered home in his first start here! A real eye-catcher too! Takes a little hike up the ladder here, but it may not matter. He might be this good. Gets a better post. Hard to go against. Trainer: Versatile little horse that appreciated the long stretch. Should improve again with last start under his belt.
3 MACHIAVELLI Took a shot and pulled to the outside last week and that didn’t work. I still think this level is just too high for him. I will pass again, and wait for some sort of class relief. It will come eventually.
4 NEW TALENT Seems like the barn has two in every race tonight! The Talent usually finds this upper level a tad too much. But, he does get a better post and Berry back in the bike. A maybe, IF he can get some sort of trip.
5 FATHER SARDUCCI Chased McThriller last week to no avail, so that’s a squandered good trip. Yes, he did go fast, but I need to see more come crunch time. This post makes it tougher and he’ll be longer price tonight. Your call?
6 STONEDUST Every once in a while, the Dust just jumps up and shocks us! That was last week. But, as I always say, if you didn’t have him 12-1, what do you do now? Drew Monti picks up the drive, and will hope for live cover.
7 ROCK LIGHTS Was forced into a pretty wild pace last week and hit a wall in deep stretch. Understandable. Moves out one slot further and this might be even tougher. Perhaps a change of tactics coming tonight.
8 STATEMENT MADE A I really don’t know what to make of him right now. Seems to have tailed off. I will pass.
9 LIKE CLOCKWORK That was a tough beat if you had him last week. Caught by the flying grey! Tonight, the problem is post and he’s not a confirmed leaver in this spot. Note he’s in for the tag too. Will have to get a little luckier.
10 MINDTRIP And finally, in this wide-open race, what do we do with the Trip? He doesn’t leave the gate too often. He IS very good right now, but with extra week off, AND post 10, I may prefer others. It’s up to you.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 WHATSTROUBLNUROCKY Back up the Trackmaster level tonight, but from a better post. Overall, he’s been pretty good lately. The Captain fits him well, and I loved to see that newfound speed last week. Very usable here.
2 MAKE IT BIG He’s still tailing off, so he stays on the longshot list and I need to see more before I could endorse.
3 GYPSY LEATHER Fresh face to the group! His start here, against a better field, was actually good! I’ll just forget about the Freehold try. Seems like a dead-red closer, but this race could have some action in it. That helps his cause.
4 WILLIE BOOTS Somehow overcame that really tough trip last week to gut out a win. Dexter had the option for the re-ride and chose #5 instead. That should tell us a little something.
5 I’M AN ATHLETE Turned in another good effort last week, especially with the good trip. But, the big factor is that Dexter is back on. He’s unbeaten with this horse, so the Athlete is clearly the one to beat. Probably not much value.
6 STARVIN MARVIN Improved a lot in his second local try. That wasn’t a bad kick, and behind sharp winner. The post is okay, if he can get that live cover trip again. It’s all about the pace, and the trip. Hard to rely on both.
7 BARBADOS He’s sale-bound on Monday, so last chance to shine for The Mann. The recent form is very mixed and I’m sure the Mann wished for a better spot for final start. This is tough.
8 MISS U BIG MIKE If your name is Mike, I hope you cashed on this guy last week! Benefited from a picture-perfect and patient drive by Pat. Burst home at just the right time. Now, he hikes up and moves out. Good luck with that.
9 DASH OF DANGER The Husted barn resurfaces! This one will need a race or two. Bad post hurts.
10 TRUMP THAT That was a tough beat if you had him last week. He didn’t really have any excuses. Just got caught. Now, it’s post 10 and that will hurt as well. Not sure I could like him at the potential short price.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN REDHOT Here’s the price play of the night! Had a much-needed re-acclimating mile over the track from post 10. Moves all the way to the pole and faces a rather “suspect” group. Time to hop on board.
2 SUNSHINE WEST Almost upset the applecart last week. Came charging home from a long way back. If the race sets up the same, maybe he’s got a chance again? I’m still keeping him on the longshot list.
3 WISE IMAGE Tyler stays loyal to the barn here, opting over Justin. This gelding hasn’t drawn a decent post in recent memory, so let’s give him a better chance here. I’d want fair value, but don’t be too quick to dismiss vs. these.
4 I AM THE COWBOY How does that claimer stack up against a Trackmaster race like this? That is the question. But, I also know the Cowboy will be overbet just because Dexter is driving. Slowly coming around, but no lock in here.
5 JUSTIN CREDIBLE Well, he bounced back with a MUCH better effort last time! Even showed some speed. I’m not in love with fact that Tyler opted off, but the Captain can be aggressive too! I want to see that speed again, please.
6 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Have to give Marcus credit for that perfect trip last week. Paid $20 too! The price will probably be higher on the step up, and return to MP in the seat. Will need to get very lucky to repeat.
7 TIME OUT I’M TIRED Just can’t find a way to win one here! Been ultra-consistent, so credit for that. Moves back out to tougher post, though. That will not aid the cause.
8 MAYFIELD DUKE Gets the extremely tepid call as morning line fave, due to the drop, and the connections. He just missed at this level a while back. Showed he can leave a little. Will have to, just to get into the race. Your call, folks?
9 ODDS ON COLUMBUS MIA too long. So far, starters from this barn on that pattern have needed one. Pass.
10 THE AMERICAN DREAM He’s in the sale too! But, I honestly don’t see him getting much from this post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-9-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 BAY RUM The Bay was a little better last time, after tossing in that clunker last month. No worries! Tonight, he gets a key inside post, AND a class drop. He’s got some back class. No reason to think he can’t fit with these. Usable.
2 SOHO CHELSEA A Was that one start back enough? I’m not so sure, because he got beat 23 lengths. I can see this is a class drop, and Pat Berry did choose him, but a total turnaround is hard to predict. Maybe not fully ready yet.
3 SHARP ACTION MONEY Made a break in that race with the killer, Effronte in it. Okay. Overall, this guy has been pretty inconsistent. Probably needs that NW7,500 level again. I’m willing to wait.
4 SANTAFE’S COACH Took a week off. He was used pretty hard in that last start anyway. This definitely looks like the right spot for the Coach. Expect Pat to have him grinding into it. I wouldn’t leave off the ticket tonight.
5 HOO NIEN A I was a little surprised to see him on the lead again last time and he weakened late. But, it was a pretty strong, key race. I will add a few points if Italian Delight won earlier tonight. This field not as tough.
6 INDEPENDENT ONE Came right back last week and proved that win was no fluke! So, it’s another hike up the ladder, but now a much tougher post. Corey was listed and opted to #9. Not sure the One is as good as these. We’ll see.
7 FOX VALLEY INFERNO Has just missed too much time since his last race. He has to need this, and I will pass.
8 EVER AGAIN I haven’t been very lucky in guessing on this guy lately. I still think he’s too high in class, and the outside post is the clincher I will prefer others again.
9 INCREDIBLE SHARK Is the Shark ready to drop and pop again? He’s done it many times before. Corey chose him tonight, even from the bad post. He’ll need to show that speed, but more than capable. If he’s good, he probably wins.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-8-1
H Horse Comment
1 LIVE ON Gets some much-needed post relief. Plus, he probably needed that last one after being sick. The pole gives Eric A plenty of options, and gelding is plenty versatile. He can be included at what should be a good price.
2 NIALL HANOVER Up the Turnpike from Freehold for a big track try. Stopped the last time we saw him here, but that was for different barn. Looks more like a grinder and this post is ideal. But, are these too tough for him? Probably.
3 DECISION DAY This guy hasn’t had a lot of luck lately. This looks like the spot where that could change. The 14-time winner is long overdue to get healthy here on the mile track, so I’ll take a shot and use him. Get him a trip, Drew!
4 CRUSADES He’s in the sale on Monday and I can see why. Clearly an underachiever for this barn, so they’ve had enough. The horse drops in class tonight, but I haven’t seen enough to make me want to bet. Your call?
5 P L LEEROY We all know what his gameplan is! And, I think the extra week off will help. By now, you’ll know how the track is playing from the weather. IF speed horses have been winning, you have to include this one on your ticket.
6 ALL IT TAKES Really mixed feelings about his form lately. I don’t envision him on the lead, with #5 in here, but Pat may blast, hoping for that trip. Will need one to get it done here and snap the losing skid.
7 NASCAR SEELSTER Barn’s other starter has a chance too! He seems to have rounded back into better form, but there are two knocks. The post. And Corey opted to #8. That has to tell us a little something, right?
8 JET AIRWAY Makes second start for new barn off the claim. He’s still in for the $20K tag, so that’s how he gets into the race. Has enough speed to make presence felt. And, Corey chose him! May need a trip, but that can happen.
9 BORN OF FIRE Moves back outside and that really complicates matters, in a field full of speed types. I will pass.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 SHARKNADO Paid some dividends for the new barn when he came flying home with the Buckeye. Mitch obviously got along with him, and they get another good inside post. Has to stay out of trouble, but definitely possible.
2 NAKED CITY Didn’t show me a whole lot in the debut here, so let’s keep him on the longshot list.
3 BET ON JOE If you like this one, you’ll be betting on Yannick! YG got penciled in when the late driver changes came out, so that’s positive intent. And, to me, it’s a class drop. Would need to improve a lot, but I guess that’s possible.
4 SHAVING MUG Another one up the Turnpike from The Hold. I don’t think he’s good enough to threaten these.
5 IDEAL TYSON A Did a lot of the dirty work upon arrival, so let’s not be too hard on him. Any kind of easier trip would have to give him a better chance. I like this post better for that potential. Usable at the right price.
6 AUTOTUNE HANOVER Exits the claimers for this and I don’t see it as being that much easier. He seems like a one-way closer in a field full of those. Might end up too far back to do any damage.
7 BIG ROCKY I liked Rocky again last week and Andy sure gave him a shot. Did not have that punch come crunch time. Drew M gets the call tonight and it’s another outside post. Is Rocky a one-run type too? That could be a problem.
8 RAVE MOONRAKER N Was facing considerably lesser up at Monti, so I don’t have high hopes for the Rave here.
9 THUNDER DOME Where’s he going from post nine? Looking at recent form, I would say not very far.
10 KABOOM POW Might end up winning this race by default! He’s the only horse in here with some decent-looking form, and he’s got enough speed to overcome the post. Too many confirmed closers. Will be tough to catch w/Dexter.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 URBAN RENEWAL Basically had an impossible trip when overbet on the drop to this level. I guess he could wake up and show more from this better post, but I’m not in love with him at the moment. Demand fair value, IF you fancy.
2 SISKEL Yes, we can all see the post relief. We all know he’s won here before. This is a prime “go” spot for this veteran and it will be up to Mitch to have him in the right spot. Might even show a little more speed from this post.
3 SEEING EYE SINGLE I’ve been beaten many times by the Burke Brigade “drop and pop,” and this could be another. Gets Yannick back in the seat here, but they did get beat together at odds-on back on 12/14. This is easier, though.
4 TWIN B JAYS Probably should have held on in that last one, but I won’t be too hard on him. Gets Pat B back in the seat, with Yannick opting to #3. That all makes sense. Let’s expect another aggressive try. Hard to leave out.
5 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Still not showing enough and still not ready to win one of these. I will pass again.
6 BIG BAD BILL A dangerous class dropper here too! Marcus M isn’t here tonight, so the Captain takes a turn. He’s dangerous, first time on a horse too! Not sure what the strategy will be, but Bill does have a chance.
7 SANATTLE SLEW Been getting overbet lately, due to Dexter’s presence. Will probably be the same again. Gets another bad post and seems to lack any speed. Will need to find a much bigger finish to have a shot.
8 STORMONT CZAR A The Czar is overdue for a wakeup call, and class drops like this usually help. Tyler can coax up a little speed if he wants. I’d give him serious chance to upset the applecart, even from this post.
9 LYON’S IMAGE Just doesn’t appear sharp right now, especially off that recent sick scratch. Have to pass.
10 MESSI N Another that just seems to have tailed off. Couple that with post 10 and he’s hard to like tonight.