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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, January 10, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-5-10
H Horse Comment
1 SO TAKE THAT Passed only a couple of the tired ones in last few. Still not enough to sway me to his corner. Pass.
2 IDEAL TYSON A Shows only one decent effort over the past few months, so that’s a big problem! This does look like a softer assignment, but predicting wakeup calls is very hard. We have to guess if he’ll be ready tonight. Pat’s choice.
3 SHARKNADO The reclaim angle is always a very powerful one! Barn must like this gelding to step in and pay more. Note he’s quickly out of claimers for this Trackmaster spot. That is a sign of confidence. Mitch picks up the drive.
4 NAKED CITY Down from Monti for a big track try and I’d need to see a good one here before I could endorse.
5 KABOOM POW Can’t really fault the form since the comeback off layoff. I like the speed he offers too! Plus, Dexter chose him over Rocky! That’s a big call that I thought would go the other way. More respect for this one now.
6 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Barn has two in here and that’s almost not fair. Might be the only two horses they have, and end up in same race? The Pollio’s listed Pat Berry, but didn’t get him. I’m still not a fan, seeing current form.
7 HOPIESDRAGNINTHEDO Passed a couple of the tired ones with a change of strategy last time. Still needs to find a bigger kick to get any closer and I haven’t seen it yet.
8 SOMESURFSOMEWHERE Barn’s other starter is impossible to like. Hasn’t come close in quite some time.
9 BIG ROCKY So, what do we do with Rocky tonight? After coming to complete stop on the lead in last, he tries again, from a tougher post, with a new driver. He probably won’t be ON the lead here, but may stalk and try to pounce. Can.
10 ROCCO Suffering a real case of the bad post blues right now. He can leave a little, like he did last time. Looks like a factor with these, provided he stays out of traffic trouble. Can be used, but definitely not keyed. Your call with Pat off?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 FOREVERHILLREIGN Many horses tonight are racing off three-week layoffs. This is one of them. His form from Philly and Pocono is good enough to put him in play here. The inner post keeps him close. Welcome back Drew Monti!
2 SOUTHWIND FROST Dexter hopped aboard last time and that trip was a little too tough. I guess he’s just taking a while to race back into shape? Not sure what the price will be, so I’m leaning towards no, if the price ends up low.
3 MISSION HILL Put it all together last time with a very stout sweep of the field! Visually impressive. So, maybe that rough try last month should just be forgotten? Take a good, long look at him on track. He’s good-looking horse.
4 GALIXTON His form is a total mystery right now. You just have to guess what you’re going to get. I usually leave out, because I need to see more.
5 SHOW EM ALL LINDY Really hasn’t been much of a threat here yet. He’s had several chances too! This post is a little better, but I’m keeping him on the longshot list, until a much-improved effort is delivered. Not for me just yet.
6 FRESHETTE HANOVER She took a TON of betting action last week and did not deliver the goods. Seems like a one-move mare from the flow and I’m not so sure the pace scenario is there tonight. Has to get into the game.
7 BLUE MAGIC Making just third start for new barn, and I can’t say I like the gaps between races right now. Yes, that last one looks a little better, but she will still have to trot a lot more to get close here. I need to see it first.
8 ESA After that needed, acclimating mile two back, he improved in the second go around. Unfortunately, he gets slammed with the outside post here and I’m not so sure about early speed. IF he takes back, how can he win?
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 SORTIE HANOVER I keep waiting for a breakthrough effort here at Club Med. The horse has actually become a lot more reliable lately, so that’s a good thing. He’s banging out check after check. Could be usable price play here.
2 CERVEZA DINERO Yes, we all need beer money!! Looks like this guy held his own up at home base. Since he hasn’t raced in nearly a month, I think he’s going to need this one. Let’s see if he can handle the mile track speeds.
3 ER SKYWALKER That was a real tough beat if you had this guy last time. Raced his eyeballs out! But, that was three weeks ago. Why the gap? Here’s hoping JD has him turned around. Drew good post. Grinds into it again.
4 EYORE HANOVER Eyore got rolling a little too late last time, but it wasn’t a bad try. The post relief will help and so will a switch to Dexter. I don’t want underlay odds, but with the right pace and trip, he will kick home.
5 MUSCLE FASHION What a disappointment that was last time! Was sent off at ridiculous price and he didn’t make the first turn. Guess what? He drops AGAIN. What do we do now? Take another chance? What will price be tonight?
6 CHIEF JUSTICE Here’s one for the trip handicappers out there. The Chief had some traffic “issues” last time and appeared to have some trot. Vinny will try to keep him out of trouble tonight, but I don’t see huge price coming.
7 SHADY MCCOY Shady actually raced a little better than I expected last time. That might be a hint he’s ready to fully come around for EA. The move to outer post won’t help, but we know he’s capable, when he’s good!
8 EGOSNATTITUDES That was a tough beat if you had him last time! Just about stole it, with Andy doing everything right. I don’t see a ton of other speed in here, so why not try again? Drew third straight bad post. That stinks!
9 STORMING MIST Wasn’t terrible in that first go here, but gets stuck with real bad post now. Not my type yet.
10 FOX VALLEY STRPWR MIA for several weeks, as he moves into new barn. So far, barn hasn’t had much luck here yet. That will change eventually, but never easy from post 10.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 CRAZY ABOUT PAT Pat did better work last week, hitting the board for first time in while. Okay. Gets another cozy inside post. Will probably try to do the same thing. IF the trip is smooth, he could hit the ticket again.
2 HOUSE HUBBY Really don’t know what to do with this one. After that sparkling win here a while back, things have kind of gone south. Didn’t have a whole lot of trot last week. I guess I need to see a good one again.
3 HAMMER CREEK On the class drop alone, he’s got to have a big chance in here, right? I’d like to see a touch more speed to put him in play. I know he’s capable. Has to “get the jump” on the mares in here that are in good form.
4 LASA DIDA LADY Never thought I’d see it, but the Lady now has two straight wins! Is it Dexter that just gets along with her? Maybe. This is a big step UP the ladder here, but sharp horses win races. Sometimes, it’s that simple.
5 TOTAL DIVA Her form has really turned around too, so full credit for that. She’s got serious speed now, but must avoid that shuffle. I’m not keying on top, but I’d be hesitant to leave her off the ticket at the moment. Your call?
6 TRIXIE DUST Which Trixie is showing up tonight? The one that stormed home at 37-1, or the one that broke at the start at just 6-1. I’m putting her back on the longshot list, anxiously awaiting what we get tonight.
7 CAN DO Most of the time, this level is a tad too high. But, this field doesn’t look all that imposing. I’m not in love with the post, but know that if he leaves, he has chance to be right there. Must be aggressive, and that’s a question.
8 MAX VOLO Max came attacking the leaders last week and lived to tell about it! Yes, he must find a way to get a better trip, and that’s no easy task from post like this. A very tough call, and the price never seems huge.
9 FIJI No doubt about his tactics tonight. Guaranteed to blast off against a field like this. Got nailed by flying foe last week, so that was terrible beat if you had him. The price was underlay. Not sure what odds will be from post nine.
10 HIGGS BOSON It’s very dangerous to ignore Team Bongiorno in any spot, but doesn’t this gelding have to need this race? I think so, and I’d like to see one on the mile anyway.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS B MAGIC Barn is dangling this one for lower pricetag tonight. Horse has been in fairly decent form too! Yes. I can see the 0-37 last year, but this wouldn’t be the worst claim I’ve ever seen. Loses Tyler, but has chance.
2 SIR RICHIE N Richie is another one that drives me crazy! Came storming home again last week to tell us he’s ready to get near the winner’s circle again. I see who’s driving tonight, and that always attracts attention. Lower price now?
3 CC BIG BOY SAM Kind of “kept up” without being too much of a threat from the tougher post last week. Overall, he seems to be rounding back into better form. It took a while, but barn has him on right track now. Usable.
4 AUTOTUNE HANOVER Gets much needed post relief, but I’ll keep him on the longshot list for now.
5 T’S ELECTRIC Finally escapes Preppy Art, so that has to help! Yes, he tackles a few other sharpies in here, but there is room for improvement on the drop to bottom pricetag. Wasn’t Yannick’s choice, but I expected that. Has speed.
6 VILLAGE JACKSON This is his level, and every once in a while, he will jump up and surprise you. I see plenty of pace in here, so that could set things up for his rally. I wouldn’t leave him off ticket, either, at expected big price.
7 CADILLAC PHIL Phil quickly drops back down to the proper level here, and he really raced well vs. better, considering that trip. He’ll have to be a tad aggressive early, to stick close to #8. Might pop by him late, if YG gets him that trip.
8 WALKS OF LIFE Paid instant dividends on the claim and note he’s right back in for the same tag. I’d do the same thing! Tyler knows him pretty well now, so there probably won’t be any change in strategy. Can they catch him? Trainer: Impressed with his effort last week! Enjoys his routine and had another good week. Fingers crossed.
9 HICKORY LITTLE RED I’ll take the “wait-and-see” approach on this Meadows shipper. Bad post kills chances.
10 LUZIANA Moves from the pole to post 10, in race filled with speedballs. That’s just not going to work too well.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 NORTHERN SWIFT Seems long overdue for some sort of wakeup call. Maybe the move to the rail will help? Still a longshot against a field like this, but capable of keeping up by saving ground. Check chances?
2 WOODMERE OLEKSIAK No, I do not know what happened to her last week. She just didn’t look like the same mare that romped in three straight. Maybe the off track was a problem? Either way, here’s hoping she bounces back big.
3 JB’S SHOOTING STAR Was perfectly positioned by the Captain two weeks ago, hot on the heels of #2 and she couldn’t get by. Took the extra week off, while #2 turned in clunker. Is it her turn to get revenge? Maybe.
4 SHES SPORTY A This looks like a pretty steep class hike to me. Taking on Vintage Babe, and comparing that to the likes of #2,3,5 is a completely different thing. Let’s see if she can pace with these mares. I have my doubts.
5 TANGO DANCER N Took ALL the money upon arrival two weeks ago and turned in a monster try. If anything, she will be tighter and stronger tonight, with that race under her belt. The extra week off probably helped too!
6 SHEWEARSTHEPANTS Took the entire Yonkers vacation off! So, that’s a problem when you show up here missing several weeks. This is no easy field, either! The right flow could have her rallying, but she needs a big one.
7 JIMBELINA Comes out of a few strong races, I’ll admit that, but I really don’t like this spot for her tonight. I see too much power to the inside and not enough flow to get her into it. Not for me tonight.
8 AMARETTIGONE Another that’s dated. Hasn’t raced since Dec 12, so that’s a big issue. All the Derue’s are suffering the bad post blues here too! Too much to overcome tonight.
9 VINTAGE BABE She finally, and I repeat, finally won a race! We’ll give Austin some credit for the aggressive steer. It was an improbable win, however and she’s a very unlikely repeater vs. a field like this. Bad post too!
10 GLORIA PIERRE After that sharp win last month, seems like she’s tailed off just a touch. Gets slammed back to an outside post and she wasn’t Yannick’s choice, as expected. Has speed, but needs to get a little luckier now.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 MISS IRISH ROSE A A welcome back to McGwire Sowers in the sulky seat! He’s got a lot of work for the Bomber Crew tonight. This lass did a fine job of keeping up in her debut here. Could be a little stronger now. Steps up.
2 SLICK ARTIST A I would have loved to see one more qualifier into her for this. With that said, this barn usually has them ready. Wasn’t Dexter’s pick here, but I expected that. Can she jump up and be ready for a big one? Maybe.
3 SANDY WIN Hate to see that scratch, because Sandy was really rolling! Two perfect trips from the Captain and he might need another to try for the trio! Corey will know he has to “get the jump” on #7. Will give it his best shot.
4 BELIEVE IN ME Been no match for these over the past two starts, so let’s pass again and wait for a class drop.
5 KOTARE YARRA N Another one that scratched last week. It’s that time of year, folks! Everybody gets sick, even horses! She’s taking a pretty big hike here, but last race was excellent. Is she this good? That, I don’t know.
6 MS MAC N CHEESE Loses the Double D again, but I knew that was coming. Has also found this NW15K level a tad too high. It continues here. Maybe she can get into a live flow for a piece?
7 MAJOR OCCASION A Well, if you watched the race last week, you know this is a very good mare! They raced her conservatively and she finished up strongly. Hoping the gloves come off tonight, but the post may test her a little.
8 AMERICAN SARA All in all, Sara is racing pretty well of late. Tonight’s problem is the post. I see that she can leave, but will she? I see plenty of other speed types to the inside. This looks like a pretty rough spot.
9 CATCH A SECRET A fresh face to Club Med!! Scoots up the Turnpike for King and co. and she looks pretty good. I’m anxious to see what she has to offer on the big track. This is NO easy spot, especially from another bad post.
10 IDEAL LIFESTYLE A Barn got posts nine and 10 here, which stinks! Oh well! No love from the gods. Pat put her into the race last week, but that trip was too tough. I don’t see how much easier it will get tonight.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-10
H Horse Comment
1 AUTEUR HANOVER MIA for several weeks, like so many others tonight. I’m not a big fan of that. But, the gelding gets a nice post, gets DD aboard and will hope for a smooth trip. Doesn’t win too often. I might use underneath.
2 BIZET We’ve seen him here before, and it appears he will race for new connections now. Speed was usually his best weapon, so let’s see if ready to go off the layoff. I’m not so sure for tonight. Might want to watch one.
3 MR HOUDINI Was sent off at a ridiculously low price last week and he never really hit a high gear. Yannick back aboard now, but I would even dream of taking any short price again. Needs a much stronger effort to get any closer.
4 RIVER OTTER Had a fair first start against good field down at The Hold. The fact that he’s right back in here is very telling to me. Scotty D wants him on the big track and this is the perfect spot to showcase some talent. Hop on!
5 DW’S REVENGE I liked him a little last time and he never really got into the race. Is THIS the drop they were waiting for? Maybe. The post is the same and DW seems long overdue to visit the winner’s circle. A must-use in here.
6 TRUEMASS VOLO Had Pat opted here, over #4, I would make a much stronger case. Gelding basically just towed along behind uncatchable one last time. In this outer post now, it’s a flow kind of thing. Will need some live cover.
7 MYSTICAL MOTOR What a nice drive that was from Vinny G a few weeks ago. Why the gap since? He’s transitioning to a different kind of field here, and I think it’s a much tougher one. JD will have to get him a trip too!
8 ALEX THE GREAT 0-2 since arriving and a switch back to rough post. This isn’t going to work too well tonight.
9 WINNING AMERICAN Had that “race over the track” after qualifying well. Yannick did not take the call here, but that may have been expected. Tonight’s bigger problem is the post, and possible lack of early speed. How gets into it?
10 STARSABOVEALLERAGE Outraced his odds from this brutal post last time, so should we expect the same? That’s a good question! To do so, he will have to leave a little, but it might work. Not too many “speedsters” in here.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 LILY HAMMER Went all the way out to Batavia for a few and got one win! The gap since is the problem. It’s been almost a month and this is no easy spot for the big track. I do like fact that she likes to win. Medium longshot.
2 FUTURE DELIGHT Outraced her odds last time, but this looks like brand new ballgame, against a stronger bunch.
3 I WILL DO IT I really don’t know what to make of that last one. She came off Lasix. She loomed boldly, and still got beat by Vintage Babe. Leaves a sour taste for me. But, a stronger bounce-back would not be a shocker. Low odds?
4 ELLA IS AWESOME Grinded out a nice win down at The Hold for The Mann! But, she’s back in a world of hurt here back on the big track. Back to longshot status.
5 SWEET LULLABY Really don’t know what to do with her in this spot. That break really concerns me. She’s not going to be a huge price here, so another reason to maybe go against. Will need just the right kind of setup. Maybe not.
6 JERICHO DIVA Definitely needs some class relief here, but is it enough? Would need a total turnaround, based on what we saw last week. Those are hard to predict.
7 TRAFFIC JAM Tyler B had a choice and opted here over #8. I get it. BUT, This mare isn’t exactly in strong form right now. With some droppers in here, she’s stepping up! That doesn’t usually work. If she beats me, she beats me.
8 SUMMER ROCK Liked that spot for her last week and she did get the job done. But, now she gets forced UP the ladder and wasn’t even Tyler’s pick in here. That has to tell us a little something. Hunter gets the drive back now.
9 CULINARY DELIGHT N Two in here for the barn and this one got the much tougher post. I really do believe she’s better than she shows on paper lately. She’s going to need an easier trip and that’s rare from post nine.
10 MOONSHINECHARLEIGH As previously stated, it doesn’t matter which Derue we’re talking about, they all get bad posts! This mare was okay last week, after a shuffle. But, what kind of journey will she get tonight? Impossible one.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-6-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 MARION GONDOLIER I really thought Dexter would opt here over a few others, but he did not. So, what do I do now? This gelding is always right there. He gets a nice post, and Tyler hops aboard. Can’t leave off the ticket.
2 WINNING LYRIC This was DD’s pick over #1,10, so maybe we’d better take another look. There is a touch of back class here, and he did qualify very well. It will take guts to ignore that miscue, but maybe he wakes back up?
3 SMOKEE MIRRORS Gelding hasn’t had much luck since arriving here. He’s been sent off at big odds too! Gets the Captain back tonight and he did get along with him a while back. Live longshot?
4 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Andy pulled off the shocker with this guy last week! Went right by #10 late at better than 30-1. Not bad. This is huge step up, however and I see a repeat as “unlikely.” They will have to prove me wrong.
5 LIFE WELL LIVED I’ve never been a huge fan of this horse. He just never seems to win. Sometimes sneaks into the gimmicks, but not all the time. This level does appear too steep. Squandered that nice trip last week.
6 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER A pair in here for the barn and they’re both coming back after missing some time. What, did everybody go on vacation? I’ve always liked this horse, especially here. He tries hard. Might send on out of there.
7 TT’S D-JAY Took a shot and left the last time we saw him. Almost worked out too! Rode rail prior to that against superior foes. Cush picks up the steer and I do wonder what the plan is? Is the horse ready? Wish I knew.
8 DRAZZMATAZZ It’s very hard to gauge where a horse like this fits here at Club Med. We learned nothing from the race behind well-meant Dayson, who would be 1-5 in here. Does he have ANY early speed? Not sure.
9 SEVEN IRON Gets the very tepid call as favorite, in this incredibly wide-open race. I simply have NO idea who will win this. He’s in the sale soon, so it has to be “go-time” soon, right? Yannick back on. What’s your call, folks?
10 HAMMER TIME The minute Dexter opts off a horse for this barn, that might be all we need to know. That, plus this horse probably needs a race from “off the pace” now, after two speed tries. The step up is too much.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 RONNIE GOLDSTEIN I thought he had a shot in that race last week and he was actually very good to get up for second. But, with that said, he now transitions to a much tougher field. At least he has better post to start from.
2 CREDIT FRAUD I still think she’s a little buried at this level too! Had impossible trip from the bad post last week. This post is better, but what will Eric A do now? Probably just sit in, save ground, and try to get lucky late.
3 WARRIOR ONE Yannick sticks here, over #4 and that figures. The Warrior comes off a very good try against a very well-meant winner. But, he’s also forced UP the ladder here. And, no mistakes allowed! A tough call, for sure.
4 VIC’S WINNER Probably needed that last one, after being sick. Do you consider this a tougher spot, or weaker spot than that NW15K condition level? I don’t really know. On best day, he can go with these. Is Vic ready tonight?
5 UNION FORCES Speaking of question marks, what do we do here? After looking like a killer back in November, he’s become completely unreliable. I can’t go back to this guy, until I see something better. Especially at short price.
6 OBERTO Definitely looking like a project horse for this barn. They’re trying everything! Tonight, it’s Lasix AND hopples. Will that work? Your guess is as good as mine.
7 CLIVE BIGSBY He’s in the sale too! So, this would be prime opportunity to see what he’s got, right? Showed me enough speed in the qualifier to say that he can leave from this post. Looks a tad better than some of question marks.
8 MUSCLE STAR Too many breaks for me. Stuck in outside post and I will want to watch another one.
9 DEPLORABLE TOM Tom has completely turned things around over past few weeks. He even looked stronger last week. But, yes, this is a substantial hike in class and he’s still got to prove it. From a bad post too! Tough call.
10 MYSTICAL WYNN How do you accurately handicap a gelding like this? Some good efforts. Some breaks. Post 10 now. I’m just going to leave out for now.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 DISTURBED HANOVER Jimmy took a real shot and put her in play last week. If anything, that should have her speed-tightened up! From another good post, the gas pedal might not be needed. Just sit, stalk, try to get lucky late.
2 VORTEX IVY Another “conundrum” here. Had real tough trip in debut here and tired. Scratched after that, but it was post 10? I really do think she’s a fit for this group, IF she’s ready for best. That’s a big IF. Good luck guessing. Trainer: Off three weeks, so not going to be too sharp.
3 SWEET SUE Finally gets a break from the post gods. Keeps Andy aboard. Comes out of race with well-meant winner. I guess it’s GO time tonight. Just needs to finish her miles a little better. No lock, and low odds coming?
4 WONDERFUL WORLD Do we call her a small-track specialist? I see plenty of slow last quarters. We all know that just won’t get it done here. I guess I’d like to watch one first.
5 HURRICANE JOYCE Definitely looking like a project horse for this team. Out of nowhere, her last qualifier was a LOT better. Will Joyce be that good again tonight in the real race? Maybe she likes the big track? Lots of questions.
6 ALLABOUT THAT RACE Impossible trip last time when parked the mile. I would imagine the tactics will be a little different here. Seems to own a nice kick, IF the trip and flow are right. Possible to hit the ticket with a rally.
7 BINDSAY Not enough going on here to warrant an extra look. Would need a giant form reversal.
8 MAJOR MAID She raced pretty well in first go for new barn. Wasn’t Andy’s choice, but that was expected. I guess tonight’s problem is the post, and her lack of early speed. Pilot will have to get something out of her early.
9 TAMIKA TERROR Picked up a check from bad post upon arrival, so that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, she gets slammed with another bad spot. Will pass a few, but from how far back? Too far back.
10 PRINCESS HOLLY N Did exactly the same thing as #9. If anything, that was good effort for her. But, I see same thing happening tonight. Demand long odds, if you fancy her chances.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 RENTIER Took a little bit of betting action last week and I wasn’t sure why. Didn’t make any moves or show much trot. Gets an inside post tonight, but I’d need to see a ton more before I could consider.
2 DULUTH Simply because DD is driving, did I put low odds on this warhorse. Had a few races to get used to mile-track racing again. Finally gets a decent post, and the switch. Maybe I should have even made him the favorite.
3 ALEXANDER HANOVER I thought he could have had a lot more last time on the big class drop, but he did not. Plus, that’s several weeks he’s now missed. Why? Whatever the answer is, it’s probably not good. Loses Andy too!
4 SCIROCCO IMSOSMART The first of many longshots in the middle of the pack here. Yes, he probably needed that last one, after missing a start. I’d still need to see big wakeup call, before I could consider. Not for me just yet.
5 UHLAN NOIR Put the hopples on last time and that didn’t speed him up much. I have to pass again.
6 MUSHANA Marcus’ choice over a few others is tough to play. Showed up here and promptly broke. Look out for any changes for new barn. They have to try something.
7 GOLDEN ZETTE The races here haven’t been good, so this Zette looks like an impossible play.
8 MASSIVE TALENT Easily had the best last start of ANY of these, and I’ll add that Con Air Hall won right back at Yonkers on Tuesday! Key race! If Andy gets him to the front, and #2 doesn’t fire, he will most likely beat these.
9 HALLANET Boy, talk about the bad post blues! And the sad thing is, that the horse is good right now! I’m sure he will pass a few from the back, but how far back?
10 CHELSEES A WINNER She’s got zero speed, so, like #9, they can battle it out from the back of the pack and pass some of those tiring longshots in middle of pack.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 SMART AS A WHIP Marcus took a shot and had this guy in a real nice spot last week. Unfortunately, the gelding didn’t have enough trot to stick with these claimers. At least he can try to save something from this better post.
2 PEMBROKE BADA BING Also coming out of that key race, where Con Air Hall came back to win again. IF Massive Talent won the 13th, then add even more points! I know this is a step up, but he looks better than some of these.
3 WILLY MOUSE Mitch stays loyal here, opting over #7. The Mouse has now had a couple here, and finally gets a better post. Maybe some speed would work in this spot? Not totally out of it. Trainer: Has had trot both starts here. Now draws inside.
4 MIAMI I think I’ve picked against him a few times and I guess I’d better surrender. He’s won with a few perfect trips and eventually that luck will run out. But, his co-owner is back from vacation and will be ready to roll!
5 SHOEMAKER HANOVER Ended up in the live flow behind Miami last week and lacked any real punch. Sometimes, it takes a start here, but he will have to improve a lot off that. Hopes to follow #4 tonight. That’s live cover.
6 ALVISI HANOVER Just never seems to win, and now enters off a rare miscue. Hard to like off that.
7 STORMONT MANPOWER Since Mitch opted to the Mouse, look who picks up the drive here? Dunn, on a trotter with speed. I don’t think I’d be willing to take underlay odds, but I couldn’t blame anybody for betting here.
8 CORDOBA HALL Another Derue horse. Another bad post. I’m getting tired of writing it! But, they entered him for the bigger tag, so what’s why you get the outer post. This gelding did a lot of the dirty work, setting up #4 last time. Has to gun out, IF he can. That’s the only way into this one.
9 ONE DIRECTION A fresh claim here, and another horse with speed. If everybody goes, that just might set it up for Miami again! These outer pair are in for $17,500. So, they have to deal with the posts. Good luck!