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71 Qualified for the World Harness Handicapping Championship presented by

Thursday, April 4, 2019

71 players have qualified into the April 13th, 2019 World Harness Handicapping Championship presented by  All 71 qualified via partner outlets and tracks both online and on-track.  

2018 Meadowlands Summer Survival Challenge: Jeffrey Feinman, Jim Latson, Tony Izzo Sr

Meadowlands November 2018 Qualifier: Tim McKenna, Tim Platt

Meadowlands Free December 2018 Qualifier: Thomas Sokol

TVG January Qualifier: Lawrence Milbrand, Richard Francis

Meadowlands January 2019 Qualifier: Stephanie Davis, Tim Platt, George Wagner, James Michael

TVG February Qualifier: Thomas Sweeney, Thomas Amato 

Hawthorne February Qualifier: Steve Grinder, Stan Werner, Loretta Yablon

Meadowlands February 2019 Qualifier: Nick Montemurro, Gary Scogna

TVG March Qualifier: Scott Adams, Peter Dominic, Louis Ferolito, Richard Shamas

Vernon & Tioga Downs Qualifiers: Kim Wahila, Tim McKenna, John Panetta, Debra Marrotte

Buffalo Raceway Qualifier: Robert Konecki
Meadowlands March Qualifier: Dan Hopkins, Lee Stuckey

Rosecroft Raceway: Todd Cross, Andrew Behnke

2019 Meadowlands Winter Survival Challenge: Darryl Kaplan, Jasper Russo, Patrick O’Malley Qualifiers: Stephen Levine, Jamie Renner, Michael Alfano, Rocco DiBello, Michael Fitzgerald, Stand Koper, Thomas Catapano, Ann Schiro, Michael Fitzgerald, Matt Minger, Steve Arrison, Stan Koper, Steve Arrison, Danielle Galambos, Mark Kunen, Bob Bandzwolek, Ryne Olsen, Whitney Nassimos, Brian Graziano, Keith Chrisholm, Stan Koper, Nicholas Montemurro, Elliot Gregory, Nicholas Montemurro, Joseph Pizzica, Delroy Kern, Nicholas Montemurro, Derick Giwner, Nicholas Montemurro, Nicholas Montemurro, Thomas Cameron, Rocco DiBello, Brady Kosic, Nicholas Montemurro, Ann Schiro, John Martin


Players are allowed up to three entries in the WHHC Final. Anyone that has won more than three spots may assign the additional spots to participants of their choice. is holding a Last Chance Super Qualifier this Saturday, April 6 with four more spots into the WHHC Final available.  Players can qualify for as little as $33 Wednesday – Friday with an $86 Round 2 Qualifier on Friday and a $300 Direct Qualifier Saturday Night (1 in 5 qualify).  Details can be found at


The World Harness Handicapping Championship presented by is Saturday, April 13th, with a welcome reception the evening prior. 


Players that did not earn a seat through a qualifying event can directly buy-in for $1,300.  The $1,300 entry fee includes a $300 bankroll, with the remaining $1,000 going to the prize pool.


The $150,000 prize pool is based on an estimated 150 entries and the $40,000 first place prize is guaranteed.  The WHHC contest format requires players to bet 10 races: their choice of eight Meadowlands races, two designated mandatory races.  Players keep all pari-mutuel winnings.  Prize payouts are to the Top 10. 


The WHHC Final brochure is available at

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